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If you could do some power stuff......would you fight crime? This was one of those late night editing conversations Chris and I had. His answer was a pretty good one, how do you go and "fight crime?" and "". Would you feel a responsibility to move to Sudan and help people if you had some super human ability?

On a related note: I love batman but he needs to stop getting credit for "not having super powers." Being a super billionaire is a super power. He has Super human abilities that 99% of the world can't have because he has the money to make whatever he wants. If spiderman is in a jam he has a couple options: jump or shoot some web. Batman can do almost anything and you'll accept it because he is super rich. We need to put an end to this madness. Alright back to work.
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I don't think I would go to Sudan; I'd go and bust white collar criminals, seems much less dangerous and I really think that global problems could be solved easier without the Bourgeoisie fucking things up.

My super hero name would be Red October
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Cheyza NIghtDriver
If I had a super-power I'd want Telekinesis.
To be able to move objects with my mind, crush a skull, explode a tank from within.
Yep that's what I'd want.
And no--fuck other countries.
We have enough shit going on here to keep a slew of super-heros busy for a long time.
Besides, you really should have your own house in order before you go around trying to tell others how to live!
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If I had superpowers I would definitely try to help people, but when my enemies get on my nerves it will be hard to resist the temptation of getting revenge.
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janevalenz bikebrarian
I already use my information-fu skills for evil. I'd hate to imagine what I would do with even more powers.

Mostly devise situations where I do something awesome and then flirt with hot guys at the bar afterward.
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If I had a power, it would be teleportation or flight, and I would help the world the best way that I could, while also saving gas money for Rooster Teeth DVD's.
Never have to drive...
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The problem with wanting one super power is there will always be a wealth of other problems that will be ignored by specializing for one issue, like, lets say, fighting violent crime (like most super heroes). For the sake of story, there is always a never ending supply of more violent criminals, but lets say, for argument, that you could pick ONE superpower that would end violent crime.

Does this then mean that the world becomes a better place? Or does this then mean that other problems, like manipulative abusive people, move to filled the void where physical violence once was? Would there in the end be a net gain? Or is it some kind of conservation of shit that would mean that horrible things will always happen and the hero with the powers can just change the venue of that shit?

Done pondering.
#66  Posted 1 year ago
albega Sponsor
but almost no one knows he is super rich
#67  Posted 1 year ago
CoreyThaxton Sponsor
Hm, if I had a super power? It'd be the ability to control gravity/center of masses. Fight crime? Yes. I'd manipulate gravity around me to get me flying and go to the sources of our kind's problem (terrorist HQs, corrupt politicians throughout the world) and switch their gravity's to non-existent, sending them to die in space. Then move on to crime in a smaller scale.
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WATCH THIS Batman VS. Spiderman!
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Watch this! Batman VS. Spiderman!
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Enforcer6k Nadziak
You made this point on the podcast some time ago, and I agree with you there. Being super-rich is, in essence, a Super Power.

But I also agree with Monty's counterpoint that Batman is always aided most by his humanity and adaptability.

There was an animated movie about two years ago: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. I suggest you watch it for an insight into what one of the biggest villains in the DC thinks of Batman in relationship to the rest of the DC Heroes.
When you have time...
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JESUS CHRIST I love you. That moment man. His moneys not helping him there that's for sure.
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What I would really do is just try to protect all the people I can. It is foolish to think one person can protect everyone....unless your power can make clones too. ^_^ I would want duplication and the ability to phase through objects, or something similar to Wolverine's healing factor.
#73  Posted 1 year ago
CoreyThaxton Sponsor
Also: Should having large amounts of money really be considered a super power?

The money is not what Batman uses to fight crime. He uses his intellect (world's greatest detective) and martial arts he's been trained in. The money merely funded his suit and gadgets (gadgets that were made not for him originally, but for military uses). So, he does not have super powers in the vain of the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and other super naturally or incredibly powered heroes or gods of various pantheons.

Same goes for Tony Stark/Iron Man, he just uses his gadgets more often/all the time.
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actually spiderman doesnt have the web shooting as a super power (ik in the early-mid 2000's movies he did) he built it as seen in the comics and the new spiderman movie
#75  Posted 1 year ago
Id be the flying camera of rooster teeth. not the employee they need... but the one they deserve.
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pantheras well ok then
it would be so much fun to run around and punch bad guys in the face
#77  Posted 1 year ago
my power will b to have powers that get me powers that will make get even more powers from the other powers powers and get powers from joe the cat
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CoreyThaxton Sponsor
Nice choice.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
Bust out, fly around saving people from Hurricane Issac. Do a bunch of "exclusive" interviews for cable news. Do the talk show circuit. Get a Nike & Coke endorsement. Then finish up with an autobiography and get my own sitcom on Fox.
#79  Posted 1 year ago
Eh. I'd only fight crime part time if I can heal super fast or I'm immortal. And if I have an assistant. It's hard to become a superhero in this day and age, so many things to do...
#80  Posted 1 year ago
Drunk3nN1nj4 Red Neck
my question is how can you fight crime with the power to see through clothes.
#81  Posted 1 year ago
Lay off the coffee.
And yes, being rich is a super power.
#82  Posted 1 year ago
As MANY have said before me, If the power I had could be used in such a way as to make crime fighting plausible and effective, or perhaps become a nuclear deterrent ( Iron Man, Dr. Manhattan) then yes I would act as a force for "good" but I would carefully plan many of my actions to avoid being used by others. (Countries, Governments, Organizations, Individuals, ETC...) Perhaps powers akin to wolverine would make the job of "peace keeper" far easier.
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MattB64 Sponsor
Batman can also do anything in any situation cuz he is freakishly smart. He's like the modern day Sherlock Holmes with his detectiving skills.
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Finalrush AH wannabe
I'd fight crime with my powers
#85  Posted 1 year ago
RestlessWebb Sponsor
It depends on the power for me, but most likely no since I would have to take my super powered butt to work so that I can earn money and survive.
#86  Posted 1 year ago
At first I'd try to help but then half way through I'd probably get bored and mess with some people with my newfound powers
#87  Posted 1 year ago
TinaBobina Immature
I wouldn't want to necessarily be a "superhero" but I would like to fight crime. I'd like to be a vampire, but not a teen angsty sparkly type of vampire. I would like to have the power to read minds so that I could discern who were trully evil (rapists, child molesters etc.). Since I am a 5' tall female who looks harmless I would lure them in then drain them dry. It's a win win situation. One less dirtbag in the world and I get to feed.
#88  Posted 1 year ago
venim Stonehearth
If I had a super power, I would squander it and spend my time playing video games.
#89  Posted 1 year ago
You don't need super powers when you have a gun..
#90  Posted 1 year ago
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