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Rooster Teeth Podcast: Featured on iTunes!Thanks to your help, the Rooster Teeth Podcast was voted Best Gaming Podcast and is being featured this week on iTunes! If you head over to the Podcast page of the iTunes store, you'll see the sexy faces of Gus Sorola and Burnie Burns. Mrrow.

Now, I know you listen to the podcast. If you don't, what is wrong with you? Are you sick?
Why not help us make the podcast #1 this week and download it straight from the iTunes store!

Thank you all for your support! Just to remind you, Rooster Teeth 's you!
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Great to see the hilarity that is the podcast get the recognition it deserves.
#1  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 6 Ditto
ChickaBumBum FLYNT C0AL
I think, it deserves to be the Best podcast.... Ever! Of all time! Not just gaming. Fuck the B.S. report with Whoever The Fuck That dude is. RT Podcast should be bowed down to!
#2  Posted 1 year ago
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#3  Posted 1 year ago
cfhhateph34r Getcha Pull
WOOO!!! I got a bunch of friends to vote, I was really hoping we'd win!
#2  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Cool
gi_goku RT4LIFE
SWEET! Great job RT.
#3  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
rwevans1968 Blankstare
If anyone deserve it, its RT..props mofos..keep it coming.

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#4  Posted 1 year ago
DiMono Site Admin
What's a "Sorola"? Sounds like something I don't want to catch. I'm suddenly dubious on this whole 'podcast' thing...
#5  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 4 Funny
Dopp Go Away
They'll cast it alright.

#1  Posted 1 year ago
nickst7719 I mean YOLO
#6  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Ditto
RoadBlock Site Admin
Gus looks hungry. SOMEONE GET THAT MAN A TACO.
#7  Posted 1 year ago
Dopp Go Away
Between tacos and pizza being mentioned everywhere, I'm now hungry despite the supper I ate.

I hate all of you.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
I thought burnie juggled tacos over gav's desk?
#3  Posted 1 year ago
He's Done It! Thanks Gus for the idea of a podcast and thank RT for making it hilarious!
#8  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
bradleykins Coast2Coast
where doing this man

where making this hapen
#9  Posted 1 year ago  |  - 1 Flamebait
ragingterror Forum Mod
Best part of this news? The vote wasn't even close. Just goes to show the level of quality content we're getting from this podcast.
#10  Posted 1 year ago
I like the "Burnie AWKWARD Burns" image.
And there's Gus Sorola makin' sweet, sweet love to the microphone like he does every week. Awwww yeah, baby.
#11  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Cool
iWes Lord Snow
I like how Gus is making out with the mic and Burnie has the awkward smile.
#12  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Ditto
#13  Posted 1 year ago
I don't know why, but i'm proud of this. even though I had no part in the production.
#14  Posted 1 year ago
The_Hybrid The Brit
It's the least we could do after everything you guys do for us . Congrats on making the front page!
#15  Posted 1 year ago
AnEnemyAI PAX 2013
Awesome! Congratulations guys!
#16  Posted 1 year ago
potato1 Human
Well deserve congrats to the boys of the RT Podcast. Now the whole world will know story of Headlight Fluid and other shenanigans.
#17  Posted 1 year ago
I just saw it! Congrats guys!
#18  Posted 1 year ago
Suck it NPR! The Roosterteeth Podcast is moving up to be #1.
#19  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Zing!
Antarian21 Investor
I like NPR but it needs to stay on the radio where it belongs
#1  Posted 1 year ago
What is this NPR you speak of.... Oh you mean that thing that collects dust on the number 1 spot, yeah they can suck it.
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Phantomrose MsGeekyKitty
Awesome! Congrats!
Take that NPR!
#20  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
The podcast is my favorite thing you guys put out, My podcast dream team is gav, mr burns, brabra, and Gustavo but I love it regardless of who's on it. Keep up the good work guys

PS, This podcast puts me to sleep :)
#21  Posted 1 year ago  |  - 1 WTF
HolyAvatar O_o
my iTunes ads still have Burnie Vurns :(! How can they mess that up...
#22  Posted 1 year ago
A Breaking Bad Spoiler Cast!? Better throw on my big boy pants!
#23  Posted 1 year ago
jons operator
well done, burnie vurns, gus vorola, joel veyhev, vavinov vree, javv v. vvvvvv, vvvvvv vvvvv vvvvvvvvv
#24  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Funny
I don't always listen to podcasts....

But when I do, I listen to the RT Podcast.
#25  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
dan132518 Sponsor
Suck it NPR!!
#26  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 3 Zing!
Missthumper Replicant
Woohoo! I "defiantly" voted for you guys! Way to go! I knew yall would win!
#27  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 2 Funny
Well deserved.
#28  Posted 1 year ago
Gamerdw Nerd
Nice picture, Mr. Vurns.
#29  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Congrats on shoving voting down our throats for a silly popularity contest, I guess? Your podcast is super popular already, so this is really going to help, right?
#30  Posted 1 year ago  |  - 9 WTF
jwhite878 StealthClown
Exposure is ALWAYS helpful. Even if a hundred new people listen and decide to come to the site, they could tell their friends, and that's a whole new possible source of revenue for the podcast, RvB, Achievement Hunter, RT Shorts, Immersion, and all of the other cool stuff on the site.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
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