Red vs. Blue
TEN YEARS of Red vs. Blue!

With the 10th Season of RvB coming to a close, it's the perfect time to get the RvBX: Ten Years of RvB Box Set! It's all 10 seasons of Red vs. Blue, plus an additional 8 hours of bonus content! (interviews, behind-the-scenes, extras, and more!) In total, that's over 18 hours of content!

*Available on both Blu-ray and DVD*

And as a special treat.. check out this article from Entertainment Weekly, which shows a sneak peak of some of the behind-the-scenes content!
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poiromaniac Sponsor
*cough* sneak peek *cough*
#61  Posted 1 year ago
i am going to get it as soon as i get the money for it
#62  Posted 1 year ago
Desertfox32 Sponsor
is anyone else having problems with the season 10 bluray working
#63  Posted 1 year ago
Hell Yeah! Credits...
#64  Posted 1 year ago
Got mine today!!! :D
#65  Posted 1 year ago
JCOMIX Purple Gecko
Shame the DVD's being jipped out of the Bonus Features. :|

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#66  Posted 1 year ago
mine just arrived today... now it's time to bask in the glory of red vs blue.
#67  Posted 1 year ago
Hi Everybody, I hope someone can answer my question.

Is Red Vs Blue finally over or is it still continuous?
#68  Posted 1 year ago
Shut up and take my money....

Oh wait I don't have any money
#69  Posted 1 year ago
Rydrx B34N
Doh, I was hoping Preordering meant they would ship it to me so i can get it by the release date. I just got my notice that my order has shipped. I guess it may have been because i had the glasses and a dvd copy of season 10 to round out my individual disk dvd collection.

Monday can't come fast enough.

I can sense my package somewhere in Louisiana right now.RVB marathon is a coming soon.
#70  Posted 1 year ago
Whoo hoo! Going to get it today! RVB binge? I think yes.
#71  Posted 1 year ago
This makes me feel both awesome and old. Like Gandalf :D But with brute grenades
#72  Posted 1 year ago
Got the Blue-Ray at Best Buy, a little disappointed they turned down all the awesome music during the fight scenes (a little too quiet). But I loved the secret scenes after the credits (Carolina looks good in that dress)
#73  Posted 1 year ago
Ten Seasons? Damn. I remember first watching this when I was in 6th grade. The episode just before Caboose got in the Tank. And promptly caught up with the previous episodes. That was when the jump program was a hit!
#74  Posted 1 year ago
I just got the box set and there is only 42 days till 20/12. I NEED MORE TIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEE
#75  Posted 1 year ago
Lol well i just accidently bought 3, i'm down a couple of hundred dollars, but i love rooster teeth so /shrug they can have my money
#76  Posted 1 year ago
Just got mine from Chris, Kerry & Kathleen today at Supanova Brisbane. Thanks again guys for signing it.
#77  Posted 1 year ago
MayeurDonz Sponsor
I feel more confident about getting this, 'cause the ending felt so complete, and it'd make feel like a full package.
One question: The miniseries, like Out of Mind and Recovery One... are they in their correct chronological places, rather than on the separate disc?
It'd feel more sensible, if Wash's arc was on the same disc as Season 6.
#78  Posted 1 year ago
Anominal Sponsor
It would be nice to see a list of the bonus features, and it would be especially nice for the page to list what the extra bonus is for buying directly from rooster teeth that they mentioned on the podcast.
#79  Posted 1 year ago
All of my want!!!
#80  Posted 1 year ago
Box cover looks really great. Suck it Blue.
#81  Posted 1 year ago
Must have... But Poor...
#82  Posted 1 year ago
Outlander718 Booyakasha
Get on it!!
#83  Posted 1 year ago
Halo machinima......on blu ray,rooster teeth betrayed xbox.........Im kidding rooster teeth cant do anything wrong
#84  Posted 1 year ago
THEJACKAL09 spandex
This is awesome and I'll be able to replace the DVD's that my dog thought were chew toys. :/
#85  Posted 1 year ago
sly25 Sponsor
they had no bluray at supanova :(
#86  Posted 1 year ago
Hm, I don't suppose there's going to be an option like with Blood Gulch Chronicles? Where you had the option to just buy the box and Special Features, for those who already owned all of the seasons already?

I mean, I would absolutely love to get all that bonus material, but I already own 1-9.
#87  Posted 1 year ago
h0lym0nk Bearded Brit
ME: Do I want this?

ALSO ME: Hell Yeah!

Easiest decision of my life!
#88  Posted 1 year ago
Ugly_27 Sponsor
When will this be available on Red ray?
#89  Posted 1 year ago
this is so ridiculously legit can i please have it now ok thanks
#90  Posted 1 year ago
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