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RWBY's beginningI can't describe how an awesome 3 years it's been working on Red Vs Blue. It just goes to show how much we've grown as a company and as people. Because never in my life I'd imagine I'd get to make my own anime.

I'd had concepts in my mind for a while on this show, but one of the first real steps I took in getting this started happened during the immense crunch that was RvB season 10.

One night Shane and I were at IHOP and I decided we were going to start our world right then and there.

In making this show, I knew first and foremost I wanted to create a world. It's actually something I'd wanted to do back at the start of season 9. I'd described it as, if you figure out the world, geography determines your culture and culture determines your people. And people is what this is all about. Because ultimately if a story doesn't work on a human level then it doesn't work at all.

So I started with ketchup.

Because my process is so riddled with artifice and deliberation, these ones and zeroes I mold. I try to retain as often as I can, the anarchic spontaneous energy of what it means to be human.

From there it was one nights work to get it textured

Another fun note about this. In order to texture it, I used pictures of food to give it an organic feeling. So there may or may not be overlays of mashed potatoes, steaks, ice cream, bread, corn, cereal, ramen, shrimp, tacos, pizza, lettuce. And I'm not going to say where it is, but there are a set of cliffs Known as Beacon cliffs that may or may not be made of Bacon.

Chaos, a good thing.
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MetaLegacy Dracomancer
Chaos is indeed a good thing.
#61  Posted 1 year ago
This show is going to be absolutely incredible. Monty, you continue to amaze us all
#62  Posted 1 year ago
I can't wait for RWBY, and I'm not even a anime fan lol. Between hearing Monty talk about it on this weeks podcast and watching the trailer though I'm going to watch every single episode the day it comes out!
#63  Posted 1 year ago
Gnrt Sponsor
I've been watching the trailer over and over again because it's so great. btw SOUNDTRACK WHEN!?
#64  Posted 1 year ago
Will there be dragons in this show? Because if so I'm really pumped for it. I looked at the map and saw to dragons, and thats awesome.
#65  Posted 1 year ago
Belisarius0000 Sponsor
Looking forward to this Monty. When can we expect to see the next trailer?
#66  Posted 1 year ago
#67  Posted 1 year ago
yewsernaim Sponsor
The thing I love about Monty, and consequently Shane too, is that he makes things happen. He doesn't wake up and say, "No that's a dumb idea" or "That's too much work", he just freaking does what it takes and in whatever process to make what's in his head tangible and real for the rest of us to enjoy. You are so fun and inspiring!
#68  Posted 1 year ago
yewsernaim Sponsor
Who are you getting to manufacture the real life version of the weapons? I want on the waiting list.
#69  Posted 1 year ago
Do I spy a corgi island?
#70  Posted 1 year ago
Camris Sponsor
Looks fantastic so far! Any idea when we'll be able to see the finished product? (I know you said 2013 but can you be more specific?)
#71  Posted 1 year ago
Am I the only one who read this in Monty's voice? XD
#72  Posted 1 year ago
DRAGONS!! No,seriously,am I the only one who notices a dragon shaped island/continent on the right side? I swear to god it's there.
#73  Posted 1 year ago
Just me or does the napkin look like it has a raccoon face on it?
#74  Posted 1 year ago
AgentMeta Sponsor
All it takes is a some ketchup and a napkin to create a world. Oh yeah, and the awesome mind and genius of Monty. :)
#75  Posted 1 year ago
gi_goku RT4LIFE
Congrats. Some great ideas have been written/drawn down on napkins.
#76  Posted 1 year ago
All good shows start with ketchup. Ok, maybe not, but this one will.
#77  Posted 1 year ago
I Agree, for I too can not imagine a world without Ketchup. It is one of those things which defines us on a basic human level.
#78  Posted 1 year ago
This is so curious, I never would have imagined, if you dont tell us
#79  Posted 6 months ago
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