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Male from Seattle, WA
Hi! My band Trocadero has been making music for RvB since 2003. We post updates on Facebook and on Twitter

If you like our stuff, please support independent music and spread the word!
Trocadero CDs are available at the Rooster Teeth Store
Trocadero mp3s are available on several outlets, including iTunes
Our latest release is Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack (2014)
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nico Cast & Crew
Hi -- I'm Nico Audy-Rowland. I'm the dude who came up with the little guitar riff that that plays at the beginning of RvB episodes. My band Trocadero has released a total of five albums through Rooster Teeth, much of whose music can be heard in RvB seasons 1-12. Our latest release is the Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack, where for the first time we released a record of nothing but RvB music.

I'm pleased to do an AMA (AUA?) with @Miles who wrote and directed Seasons 12, and 11, and some of 10, and a whole lot of bunches of more stuff! (And that's not even counting RWBY!)

Ask us anything, go!

--EDIT-- closing this, but wanted to thank everyone for the awesome questions! Had a total blast with this.
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