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25 year-old male from Auckland, New Zealand
Hey there, I'm Nick the organizer of Rooster Sheep (previously RvB NZ) so of course I'm going to shamelessly plug the event here. :)

Join us on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/151959108219202/

I also have been peer pressured into doing the twitter so follow me @NickNewton07 where I will reveal the meaning of life. twitter.com/NickNewton07

Oh and yeah sometimes I like to go on long walks.......... really long walks. To Mordor!

Go -> triplesproductions.net/
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nikz07 Kiwi
Homeless manTo get to the train station I have to walk through a park. The other night I was on my way through when I came across a homeless man babbling to himself.
I couldn't make out a word of what he was saying but he seemed to be in good spirits and as I got closer he directed his babbling toward me.
As I watched I was able to make out two words which were "Like this" as he said that he promptly raised his beer can and placed it on the inside of his elbow and balanced it there.
Looking up at me triumphantly he continued to balance it there smiling as though it was the most entertaining thing in the world.
I smiled back at him and continued on my way but what I saw has stuck with me. I think I may have me the happiest homeless man in London.
So rock on mate, hope you keep finding entertainment in life.
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