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nikz07 Kiwi
25 year-old male from Auckland, New Zealand
Hey there, I'm Nick the organizer of Rooster Sheep (previously RvB NZ) so of course I'm going to shamelessly plug the event here. :)

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I also have been peer pressured into doing the twitter so follow me @NickNewton07 where I will reveal the meaning of life.

Oh and yeah sometimes I like to go on long walks.......... really long walks. To Mordor!

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nikz07 Kiwi
The last yearSo a year ago today I got an email that would change my life..... kinda

I was in the middle of organizing the 2012 RvB NZ (we have since become Rooster Sheep)
and was trying to find out if it would be possible if anyone from Rooster Teeth would be in our area around the time of it.
Any way this particular morning I woke up to an email from Chris Demarais who I had met a month earlier whilst traveling round the states
The email was very simple it said that unfortunately they would be heading down to NZ a month after my event but as I was involved with film would I be keen to help them out with a shoot.

I of-course said yes, as any die hard fan would do, and from that moment was on the edge of my...
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