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nikz07 Kiwi
25 year-old male from Auckland, New Zealand
Hey there, I'm Nick the organizer of Rooster Sheep (previously RvB NZ) so of course I'm going to shamelessly plug the event here. :)

Join us on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/151959108219202/

I also have been peer pressured into doing the twitter so follow me @NickNewton07 where I will reveal the meaning of life. twitter.com/NickNewton07

Oh and yeah sometimes I like to go on long walks.......... really long walks. To Mordor!

Go -> triplesproductions.net/
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nikz07 Kiwi
Don't be a d!ckAt age 15 I got my first job working in the stock room of my fathers Liquor store where I worked for three years eventually getting my managers licence and serving all manor of people who came in to get booze. During that run their were only a few times in which I had to deal with some a$$holes.
After highschool I packed up my car and moved to Auckland to go to film school, whilst studying I started working as a duty manager in another liquor store at this time I dealt with a few more drunk a$$holes but nothing too major.
2012 saw me leave my comfortable, stable job to become a freelancer in a very competitive market, to make ends meet in the quiet periods I part timed back at the liquor store I had worked at whilst studying. This was the first time I ever had to deal with someone who wanted to fight me for denying them their precious alcohol however all things considered it was still a pretty good run.

Ok history aside I am currently living in London and over the past few weeks have been part timing as a bartender whilst searching for film work, in this small amount of time I have dealt with numerous drunk a$$holes, I have watched people nearly get into fights over who is next to be served, I have had all manor of complaints about the prices of drink (which believe it or not I do not set) and I have had a drink thrown over me (whether on purpose or by accident I am not sure). One of the worst customers I dealt with though was some self entitled piece of work who came to the bar and immediately started complaining about how long everything was taking. I happened to be doing a large drink order when she arrived and had already promised another girl who was waiting very patiently that I would get to her next so I didn't acknowledge the rude attention seeking lady. This just encouraged her to be louder and try and recruit others to her cause.

The story ends with me smiling and apologizing for the wait but it is my hope that readers of this little tale will understand that people in the service industry are not your servants. They are just trying to earn a living and get on with their life. Bartenders do not set the prices, the waiter did not cook the food, the stewardess did not cause the turbulence and if you are drunk or don't have I.D. that's on you. So next time you think of mouthing off at a cashier just stop for a second and think. Even on the best of nights they're still at work having to listen to all manor of complaints, apologizing for things they have no control over and acting like you are the most interesting, insightful, funny person they've ever met.

TL;DR - Be nice to your wait and bar staff
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