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25 year-old male from Auckland, New Zealand
Hey there, I'm Nick the organizer of Rooster Sheep (previously RvB NZ) so of course I'm going to shamelessly plug the event here. :)

Join us on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/151959108219202/

I also have been peer pressured into doing the twitter so follow me @NickNewton07 where I will reveal the meaning of life. twitter.com/NickNewton07

Oh and yeah sometimes I like to go on long walks.......... really long walks. To Mordor!

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nikz07 Kiwi
IrelandSo I'm spending a few days in Northern Ireland and I love it here. I'm currently in Belfast which is a beautiful city but most of all I love the people. They're just so damn polite!

I've met nice people before (especially in Austin) but it seems that everyone I run into here is just generally nice (even the guy I literally walked into, twice, in the space of ten minutes).

I wish I could spend more time here. Alas it's back to London tomorrow.
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