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ninjaspectre Guardian v3
22 year-old male from Crestwood, KY
I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and have followed them since the first episode of Red vs. Blue.

From: Louisville, KY
College: Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville
Sports: Baseball and Long-Distance Running
Favorite Teams: Louisville Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers
Hobbies: Gaming, Cello, and Rooster Teeth
Playing: Destiny and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Watching: Legend of Korra Book 4
Listening: Marty O'Donnell (Destiny), Hurt, Starbomb
RTXs: 3
Guardianship: Year 2

Though slightly introverted, I love meeting new people. So shoot me a friend request!
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ninjaspectre Guardian v3
Finally Caught A Break

I had an appointment with my general physician today to follow up on my hospital visit. Everything looking good at the moment. The best part is that I asked him if there was any chance that I could possibly run the full marathon tomorrow and his answer was, "Oh yea! Definitely! Just make sure you stay hydrated."

Just when things seemed to be looking down, life decides to throw me a bone. I will, in fact, be running in the marathon. My kidney is up to the task, but let's see if the rest of my body will be able. I will most likely not be running my quickest, but I will be sure to do my best to finish and I will do so while sporting my Guardian shirt! Wish me luck!
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