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ninjaspectre WKHD
21 year-old male from Crestwood, KY
I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and have followed them since the first episode of Red vs. Blue.

From: Louisville, KY
College: Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville
Sports: Baseball and Long-Distance Running
Favorite Teams: Louisville Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers
Hobbies: Gaming, Cello, and Rooster Teeth
Playing: Destiny Alpha and Dragon Age 2
Watching: Kill La Kill (second run) and Game of Thrones
Listening: Yuki Kaijura (SAO), Hurt, Inon Zur (Dragon Age)
RTXs: 3
Guardianship: Year 2

Though slightly introverted, I love meeting new people. So shoot me a friend request!
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ninjaspectre WKHD
Part 3After going back through and looking back at the previous two posts, I have realized that I forgot to write a warning that I will be probably be tagging people over multiple posts. Well, here it is.

The Assignment

(Every subject that is entailed in this section is public knowledge)

For those of you who are or had been Guardians before, you can relate to this. There are a few moments that really stick out in the months during RTX season: The Announcement, The Email, The Assignmentment, The First Day and The Last Day. The Announcement stage is when the alert that Guardian sign-ups are live. During the sign-up process, you are asked a few questions: availability, previous experience and etc. T...
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