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ninjaspectre WKHD
21 year-old male from Crestwood, KY
I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and have followed them since the first episode of Red vs. Blue.

From: Louisville, KY
College: Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville
Sports: Baseball and Long-Distance Running
Favorite Teams: Louisville Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers
Hobbies: Gaming, Cello, and Rooster Teeth
Playing: Destiny Alpha and Dragon Age 2
Watching: Kill La Kill (second run) and Game of Thrones
Listening: Yuki Kaijura (SAO), Hurt, Inon Zur (Dragon Age)
RTXs: 3
Guardianship: Year 2

Though slightly introverted, I love meeting new people. So shoot me a friend request!
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ninjaspectre WKHD
In honor of LoZelda and the 24-hour gaming LoZeldathon taking place August 2nd, I will be changing my profile picture to her likeness as eel.
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