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off to see the relativestommrow i'm going to visit my sister who lives in brisbane, and seeing as i live in canbera thats a bout a 1000km trip.
of course I'm getting on an plane to go there.
the only bad part of this is that i wont have acces to a computer, let alone the internet for the next 8 days.
Oh, and incase any of you are woundering why i haven't signed in recently, it's because my father decided to install a new vires protection system, he did that a mounth ago, the new system downloads updates from the internet every five minets and that has slowed down my internet so much that it can now take up to 20 minets just to sign in. but thats now been fixed up so when i get back I should have no problems makeing up for lost time.
see you all in 8 days time.
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