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27 year-old male from Brooklyn, NY

"I take his weapons away from him. Both of them." ~ John Hartigan.
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Sin City PhotoshopsI usually hate Something Awful, but I must admit, these photoshops are pretty damn funny.
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Name Tony
Occupation Student
Birthday February 16th, 1988
Interests Assassinating troublesome world leaders Eating almost anything (Japanese is favored though; I'd kill for some good sushi and a bowl of soba) Listening to rock music in all shapes and sizes; plus alittle classical on the side Playing basketball and football Reading lots of books + comic books Watching many movies (365+ a yr) + TV shows Watching most sports Writing screenplays.
Music The Allman Brothers Band The Arcade Fire The Band The Beatles Jeff Beck Jello Biafra The Black Keys The Blues Brothers Eric Clapton The Clash Jimmy Cliff Clutch CCR CSN The Dead Kennedy’s The Doors Bob Dylan The Grateful Dead Jimi Hendrix Killing Joke Hot Tuna Husker Du Interpol Jethro Tull The Kinks Led Zeppelin Bob Marley Nirvana Pink Floyd Pixies Queen Radiohead The Ramones Red Hot Chili Peppers The Replacements The Rolling Stones The Sex Pistols Spoon Squeeze Steely Dan The Supersuckers They Might Be Giants Turbonegro U2 The Velvet Underground Tom Waits Ween The Who Wilco Neil Young Frank Zappa.
Movies There are too many films so I shall give you my 15 favorite directors: Charlie Chaplin The Coen Brothers Francis Ford Coppola Federico Fellini John Ford Jean-Luc Goddard Howard Hawks Alfred Hitchcock Stanley Kubrick Akira Kurosawa Sergio Leone Martin Scorsese Quentin Tarantino Orson Welles Billy Wilder.
TV Shows I kept this list to all current shows. Adult Swim Arrested Development Carnivale Curb Your Enthusiasm Deadwood Family Guy Kojak Life on a Stick Lost Monk The Office (Remake) The Shield The Simpsons The Sopranos South Park The Wire.