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24 year-old male from The Migrant Fleet and Yautja Prime
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"After time adrift among open stars, through shoals of dust and stars of light, i will return to where i began. Keelah Selai"
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Modern day musicRvb keeps deleting every single one of my links so i have to post links in a journal instead
Ok so i'm going to cite this very briefly but in short i like most of my friends can't stand modern day music and i think it is the most offensive insulting garbage shit like a jackhammer being slammed into your ear drilling through your skull


I admit there are some moments and thanks to Todd in the Shadows i found a song that is not good AT ALL BUT its video is so hysterical so bust guttingly amazing that you can't help but laugh your ass off.
I'm sure many have already heard this song but basically i normally don't believe in that whole "Oh its so stupid its funny"
I have largely been against that entire belief but i make an exception after seeing this video


That does NOT mean i am complimenting the song at all, no i think its a shitty song but the video is hysterical
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