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24 year-old male from The Migrant Fleet and Yautja Prime
Please do not send me a friend request unless i know you, no random friend requests

"After time adrift among open stars, through shoals of dust and stars of light, i will return to where i began. Keelah Selai"
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Warhammer nerd momentOk so this is a giant nerd out to make up for all the hell lately and to try and add some humor although i admit my humor is not always the best soo... im hoping the Warhammer fans will appreciate this but for anyone else it may fly right over your heads

So my question is this:

Have you ever played a video game and the moment you were given an axe....... you screamed out:

While proceeding to murder every enemy in your path with an axe all the while soaking up bullets as u run around screaming for Khorne killing everyone

On second thought maybe only Chaos fans will get my joke hah but yeah i am hoping i am not the only one who can relate to this ><
i do admit the first moment you get an ...
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