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In MemoriumI realize I have not talked about this for a long time and it is because I thought my club was doing a giant memoriam to Monty Oum so I wanted to wait until the sort of funeral they were throwing and then get a picture of everyone to show how loved and remembered Monty Oum is in New Jersey

it seems I raised my respects way too high of New Jersey since apart from me only four other people showed up dressed in their regular clothes as if just coming from class and buying a ton of soda to treat it like a party.

well New Jersey may have no respect for anything nor anyone but i on the other hand do.

I never knew Monty Oum personally but i first found out about him through Haloid and that expanded to his work joining rvb and breathing more life into the show than i had seen in a very long time. From what i could tell, Monty Oum seemed like a very nice sweet guy and one of the greatest men in the world.
I do not know how you/ how Sheena Duquette Oum feels right now. All iI have ever lost was my beloved pet and two grandfathers but never a spouse or dear close friend. I can not judge nor even begin to imagine how you/ she feels right now but for what it is worth iI am truly sorryy. I deeply wanted to show everyone in America's support but it seems iI will be the only one (at least in NJ)

I again realize and apologize that i am late to this news and while iI may not have much to say on this, iI will honor Monty's memory and what he stood for. He was the best animator I had ever seen and almost like a hero that helped inspire me to try and join the field of animation and I will always remember him and everything he stood for.

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