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Organs and ArtThis weekend is Emerald City Comic Con, and while I was able to spend a tiny bit of time with a few good friends yesterday in the city I cannot attend the convention itself. I have a gig tonight and tomorrow where we are playing EVERY ORGAN SYMPHONY EVER (there are 2 of them) so I have to spend my weekend organ grinding.

If you HAPPEN to be in the Seattle area and want to take an evening off from one of the largest and coolest comic conventions in the country come see me play with the Federal Way Symphony our Organ Concert!

Not in Seattle at all but looking to do comic stuff on Saturday anyway? Why not watch @lukemckay do a 24 hour livestream! He's raising money for new equipment and could really use your help! Show up and donate and he might draw you something. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your neighbor! Tell you dog!

I will be in the livestream as much as possible when I am not playing organ music. And maybe even while I'm in the concert...maybe I'll just leave Skype on my phone running under my chair the whole time. Balls2That and Saint-Saens!!
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