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37 year-old female from Close to Canada, WA
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Eat my reedI have a ton of gigs the next few weeks. Which is awesome, because I love nothing more then making a living playing my oboe. However morning rehearsals kinda stink, and it's a lot of driving, and I MISS PLAYING HALO. But the grass is always greener, so I'll enjoy being busy now to get me through the dead summer to come.

If you HAPPEN to be in the Seattle area the next few weeks let me know and I'll tell you where I'm playing. If that happens to be today or tomorrow you can hear some gorgeous Mozart opera music from the Northwest Sinfonietta.

New Music List:
Jeff Rosenstock - Nausea
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
King Crimson - Red
Rise Against - Ready to Fall
Melvins - Going Blind
Childish Gambino - Freeks and geeks
The Ataris - Between You and Me
Sheppard - Let Me Down Easy and Shine My Way

Sheppard wins by a mile. Absolutely LOVED Let Me Down Easy. Catchy, relentlessly upbeat, great harmony, fun guitar part...loved it so much I listened to a bunch more of their stuff, then had to send that song off to Luke to listen to...with a disclaimer that this is just a fun song, don't read into the lyrics personally AT ALL. Probably be buying some of their music as soon as I have five seconds in front of my computer at home.
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