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25 year-old female from Miami, FL
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I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan...Rebel Alliance all the way!

I'll accept random friends requests, but make sure to have at least +10 karma and to say hello at least in my comments...its the friendly thing to do. Also you should watch me (in the non-voyeuristic way).

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Law School Will Be The Death of MeHmm...where to start, where to start. I've been more than gone for a few months, which sucks, but free time is sparse and well, you know how it goes. So I'll give a recap and hopefully, with RTX spirit abound, I can hang around here more when I'm ignoring property law readings.

Law School

Well it sure as shit isn't easy and my grades (which all finally came in today) proved that. But, all that aside I am really enjoying it and I like learning about law and all the topics associated with it. Granted, it also shows me how people severely lack common sense and the criminal law cases we just started reading this semester make me question the whole of humanity, but, alas I do lo...
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