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Things...Well we have been getting a good routine of big screen gaming in at work but with how the last day went, I doubt it will last long with the casual gamers. All of the ones that played on the first two times of doing that are still pissed off at me. I will just say that I won all but one of the matches played. They even tried setting up special rules for me and it still didnt work. Such as 'No Bowser' or 'everyone plays as Jigglypuff' or something. The only time I lost was actually my fault. There is a story behind that. A long time ago I talked trash to some of my sisters friends claiming I could beat anyone in Smash Bros...64 or Melee version. So the challenge was accepte...
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Name Eric
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Music I will listen to fast paced music when I am walking and playing racing games...it helps me focus. But I will listen to most anything except rap. I dont hate rap I just dont listen to it. If you get me drunk I might try listening to it but good luck on that.
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