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20 year-old male from Surrey, UK
Hmmm. Quite.
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Sooo...I've been meaning to write another journal on hear for a while. Hopefully that doesn't become a trend.
While I have been keeping up with RT content, I said in my last journal that I wanted to integrate myself into the site a lot more and make friends in the community and such. I have nooot done that. At all. I will now. Hopefully. I've been using the site to watch RVB 11, RWBY and other videos but I've been
neglecting the forums.
I should proooobably have a look at that.

So, on Roosterteeth. I'm enjoying RWBY and i'm interested to see where it goes. My only complaint is that the episodes are pretty short,but that's understandable. RvB season 11 is shaping up to be one of my favorite seasons of the show- my favorite part so far being the private bitch joke. I'm liking the AH content, particular thee MC let's plays and the podcast is a great as ever.

And now I guess i'll just talk about games. The steam summer sale came and went and I spent way too much money. Half the games I bought aren't installed yet. Woops. Also, I broke 10000gs. I know its not much, but it's a nice milestone. Thanks of course to the AH guys for the guides that helped me get many an achievement. The 'hard the hard way' achievement in trails evo is a complete bitch.

Also, this picture is my favorite thing. Ever.
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