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32 year-old male from Texas

I forfeit all rights to humanity. I'll take my pseudo existence with me to hell.
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Death Noteso popular it has a live action movie and was outlawed in china (I think that is true)

The problem with me is that there are supposed to be so many super geniuses but they are pretty stupid.

Light is just about borderline retarded

'l' and 'n' place all their bets on a long shot without making any plans for it to fail ( just because they got lucky does not mean they are smart betting everything on a long shot does not make you a great gambler)

mello is so far the only smart one. I do wonder how many candy bars he has....and what does he do after he takes that first bite...does he throw it away.... does he only eat them when he thinks it's 'cool'?

So overall..... I think it is a lame anime. The only appeal is the ability to kill people without it being traced to you.
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Music Stuff that does not suck. Thrice and Thursday have very interesting lyrics so I like them. If there was a band that had robots in it I would like them.
Movies Almost anything with robots. Robocop and T2 are the best.
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