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New Journal....New Journal....right. Um well nothing much has been going on just muscleing my way out of High school. I can't believe it is so close, the end of High school that is. Seniorities is really just a pathetic excuse in my opinion, well no it is anyway.
After High school, a little after im going to join the Army Reserves, hopefully as a Military Police. I'll go to school train to be an Officer, and try to go airborne. Believe it or not the Army actually has Airborne Military Police. Special Forces is definantly something to shoot for though.

Anybody watch Deadliest Warrior on spike? That show is pretty freak'n cool. The Green Beret vs Spetsnaz episode was pure BS. But other than that it is a cool show.

I picked up Perfect Dark Zero last weekend, man, that game is freak'n sweet. Suprisengly, it is a very stealth based game, i expected some stealth, but not as much as it had, heh well... all the better!

After along while and no gaming group i've been able to Play Dungeons & Dragons, every other weekend right back on schedule.

All right this journal will probably stay up here for maybe another....6 months maybe more.
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