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31 year-old male from Fruitvale, CO
I'm an English student with a bio minor at Colorado Mesa University(CMU[who the fuck chose that name...]) I'm not a major gamer, but i play when i can. I'm out side as often as i can be and my summer job keeps me out side, which is one of the reasons i love it.
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These nightmares...Normal people get to have nightmares about irrational fears like falling, or spiders. I get dreams about accidental Ebola infection in a lab that leads to an epidemic. This was probably caused by the news report that two critical Ebola patients are to be evaced from Western Africa to Emory medical Center in Georgia. While the actual risks are quite low, this still has the potential to go side ways real fast. The opportunity to have a chance to treat a patient in a modern treatment facility can lead to huge advancements in the understanding, and treatment of Ebola, so I'm not really against the plan. But my dreams toss in a Russian plot against the US, Swiss special police trying to track down illegal weapons deals, and lots of false hope in several home free moments.
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