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30 year-old male from Fruitvale, CO
I'm an English student with a bio minor at Colorado Mesa University(CMU[who the fuck chose that name...]) I'm not a major gamer, but i play when i can. I'm out side as often as i can be and my summer job keeps me out side, which is one of the reasons i love it.
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Osiris5432 WarHamr
Just keep moving...Nothing to see here except some thinking out QWERTY about relationship stuff. When I went back to school things weren't great in my life. I was at a job that had reached its ceiling for me, I was in a dead end relationship with a chick I had no deep feelings for, and I was letting my health spiral dangerously out of control(drinking, Diet, etc...) Going back to school showed me that there was a practical application for my intellect and there were people in the world that I could converse with on equivalent level. I also met some one who reminded me that I could actually care really deeply about some one. In the end of my freshman year i was in a relationship at home with Chick A, who i...
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