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25 year-old male from the red base in Coagulation

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Viper0308, and Train, I will send you both clan invites on the Halo2 branch.

The halo2 branch now has 59 active members

the Gears of war branch has 7 active members.

The Battlefield2 branch has 4 active members

The PSU branch has 11 active members.

So the xDOKx is steady right now........
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Name Lucas
Occupation 3rd in Command of xDOKx
Birthday February 23rd, 1990
Interests I like to draw Play video games play football and basketball and occasionally I like to go mudding on one of my friends or my brothers quad.
Music Perferably Rock but sometimes you'll catch me listening to a little rap music
Movies Theres not enough room in this box ;P
TV Shows Fullmetal Alchemist Inuyasha Ghost in the shell and any movie with Jessica Simpson or the terminator.Pimp my ride
Books Magazines .... thats about it. Oh! Oh! I love any Halo books!!!