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LSE Battle of Maneatown
==================================================================================== Jake awoke from his slumber and knew something was wrong. Maxwell was sniffing the air and Jake could smell it to. The townspeople hadnt burned the bodies that lay. Jake grabbed his gear and went down to the kitchen. He grabbed four slices of bread two for him and two for Maxwell. Jake opened the front door and walked outside. There was a cloud of orange and red dust that met him at the front door. He turned and locked the door behind him. Jake started walking around insisting on why the bodies hadnt been destroyed. None of the townspeople had known to destroy them. Jake slapped his forehead while talking to a townsperson. It would have been fine to let the bodies lay there if the demons were properly executed. Jake knew the horde was coming back to life and he had to stop it. The demons started to rise and grunt in anger. The townspeople were in a tizzy. The men grabbed their weapons and the women stayed with the children. Yesterday, there were about one hundred men and women in the militia but now there was about sixty-five. The horde had grown bigger. It seemed there were more and more demons coming out of the buildings going into the streets, aiding their brothers and sisters. Jake was frightened because he knew the townspeople were going to lose and join the ranks of the low. He shouted telling them to back off and retreat. But none of them listened. Jake saw a fire escape on an abandoned building. He picked up Maxwell and started his ascent. Once, on the roof he could do nothing but watch, in pity as the people were killed and their souls to be trapped, roaming the earth. It was not two hours later that the war was over and the majority of the living became the undead. But it wasnt all that bad considering Jake had only himself and his dog to look over now
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