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Sudden realizations.Tonight I had what I thought was a discussion but apparently was an argument with a friend on Facebook. She was ranting about gaming and stereotyping all gamers as losers. I decided to rebut. Long story short, she was being ignorant and stubborn. She continued on and I had a sudden realization. This was on Facebook, she lives 4 hours away so is never really in my life, I am happy, I don't need ignorant morons in my life. So, right in the middle of one of her rants I sent: "So here we are, you're mad at someone who games so you're being a twat. I don't need you in my life. I have been nothing but a friend to you and have helped you through so much shit out of kindness I never needed to. You're ignorance and simpleton attitude has not only just lost you a friend but has also lost you someone you confide in. Don't forget the things you have told me, I never told anyone but that could change. Just remember next time you get your heart broken (I know there will be a next time because you are an idiot) I won't be there to help you. I will be the one standing off to the side pointing and laughing at you." *Block - Delete from Facebook* *Block delete from AIM* After that I got a massively long text to my phone asking for forgiveness. My response? "Sorry, who is this?" ^.^ I feel so amazing shedding this person from my life. Writing this journal right now has made me realize just how good it feels to rid yourself of life's leeches. :D
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