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35 year-old male from Midland, TX
I once had the brilliant idea that I would make a masturbation video and sell it on the internet. I also dreamed of reliving the cinema of the 40s : a 4 hour picture with an intermission. Unfortunatly I passed out halfway through the second half from exhaustion.
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So I've been busyBusy indeed, I got myself a blue collar hero job - 5 months ago. Between working 12 hour days and sleeping I havent been on this site in god knows how long. So anyhoo, I'm back, with some good stories I'll relate later.
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Name Charlie
Occupation Blue Collar Hero
Birthday May 2nd, 1980
Interests cars guns guitars. I drive SCCA for a hobby compete in IDPA and SASS I'm into programming. Hacky Sack is always nice.
Music The Pixies The Fla-Fla Flunkies NIN Tool Pantera Dave Mathews Counting Crows NickleCreek NoFX Ben Folds Five The Dropkick Murphies Flogging Molly L7 Veruca Salt Hole Nirvana Five for Fighting Toad the Wet Sprocket. I'll listen to most of anything really.
Movies Monty Pythons Holy Grail SLC Punk Snatch Clerks Tank Girl Pulp Fiction The Seven Samurai Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas The Cider House Rules. I recently got a Netflix account and am loving it. If you like movies try Netflix. I mean hell it's free to try.
TV Shows Anything on the History channel. Anything on Adult Swim.
Books I'm a sci-fi fan. I enjoy Heinlein Card Crichton Stephenson and Herbert. I also read a little fantasy like Tolkien and Jordon. I am currently reading book 7 of the Wheel of Time series and Heretics of Dune. I have read a bit of everything reading is good.