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SEGA CD MARK II JERKI have an interesting little quandary: We found a Sega CD system (2nd generation), hooked up to a first-generation Genesis. Problem is, there's no manual and there certainly aren't enough AC adapters (or a/v cabling) for both the CD system and and Genesis. I've read that the routing is supposed to go through the Sega CD but .. the a/v cord only fits the Genesis, and I really don't feel too comfortable playing johnny casual shoving AC adapters in the CD AC plug.

I've searched high and low for a Sega CD manual with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions or manual scans that may assist this sticky predicament? Because my copy of Sonic CD is getting a bit cold and lonely.

Oh yeah, I found God of War pretty interesting, but in ways I doubt others will care about (prove me wrong kids! Prove me wrong...) I'm sure many of you will enjoy Mr. LeFeuvre's selection of outtakes from his ever-pleasing GTA: San Andreas Grand Tour photojournalist efforts. It's fun!

P.S. I forgot to add: indexed Drunksaling galleries! Three years (and counting) of garage saling mayhem in easy-to-swallow 18-images-to-a-page installments. Fun for the entire post-apocalyptic family!
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