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24 year-old male from Brazil
My name is Ryan O´Leary and I live in Brazil. Ya, I know that´s cool. I am 14 (I have no clue why my profile says I am 16.........) And I speak a little portugeese. I love Roosterteeth and it´s movies.

92% of teenagers has moven on to rap. If you are one of the 8% that's still into real music, copy
and paste this in your profile.

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Don't Piss me off

And pay me 15 mods and I will kill someone for you
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HmWell.....I still like Bruce Springsteen.
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Name Ryan
Occupation Student
Birthday September 4th, 1990
Interests Halo RED VS BLUE video games my ps2 books music WMMR Preston and Steve Action/Comedy Movies 24 Movie Making and making ideas for stories and movies in my head
Music Bruce Springsteen Bob Seger Ray Charles ZZ Top Blues Brothers Nico
Movies Red vs Blue (All Seasons yes even 3) The Longest Yard Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2 Waterboy Big Daddy and the Blues Brothers
TV Shows Avatar Fosters Home for Imaginary freinds The Simpsons 24 Home Improvement Freinds Two and a Half Men Psych
Books The Sentinel Bartimaeus Da Vinci Code Angels and Demons The Thief Lord Harry Potter Artemis Fowl Alex Rider Firtst Strike The Fall of Reach