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23 year-old male from Staten Island
I am really 15 years old¿?¿
I speak 4 langauges : English,Spanish,Italian,and German¿?¿
I do accept random friend requests¿?¿
I will vote for you in a contest ONLY if you are my friend¿?¿
Comment or message me to know more¿?¿
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Hey Guys...I know i haven't been on in a while i just been going through like a depressed state of mind... my aunt just died to months ago and this woman basically helped raised me with my mother so i just been like fucked up...leave comments and stuff ill get to them eventually
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Name Chris
Occupation Sophmore and actor!
Birthday October 10th, 1991
Interests Music friends girls red vs blue movies bike rides and the beach. I probally have more things I like to do I just can�39;t think of any at the moment
Music Audio Club Shakria The Fray Semi Shapes Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood Beyonce Justin Timberlake Christina Agulara Pink and almost every song ever written. The only type of music I do not like is music that has a lot of screaming in it for example Never Again by Kelly Clarkson.
Movies Sherk Sherk 2 Ocean's 11 Ocean's 12 Happy Feet Spiderman 3 The God Father 40 Year Old Virgin Not Another Teen Movie South Park Movie Uncut Version Knocked Up Boat Trip Hoodwinked Nightmare Before Christmas and I have a lot more I just think of any at the moment.
TV Shows Family Guy Aqua Teen Hunger Force 24 Survior The Amazing Race Dancing with the Stars American Idol Spongebob Rob & Big The Big 10 Real Word CSI Las Vagas CSI New York CSI Miami America's Got Talent Lingo Blockbusters Family Fued Ellen Degeneres Fox 5 News at 10 American Dad and The Simpsons.
Books Wicked The Outsiders Lord Of The Flies Of Mice and Men To Kill a Mockingbird and The Wishlist