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pgw_chaos Minecraft
30 year-old male from Tampa, FL
I accept any friend request.

Feel free to add me to your 360 friend list, pgw chaos. And PS3 friend list pgw_chaos. If you have STEAM you can add me too, pgw_chaos.

I have a deviantart account and a facebook account
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pgw_chaos Minecraft
Mass Effect 3 review.Been a long time since I posted a Journal. Anyways I been playing Mass Effect 3, just finished the game.

Mass Effect 3a good solid game. The combat can be annoying at times, with the cover system being the main problem, the camera also can be problematic at times too. So some of the boss battles can be a huge pain.

But it is overall good, the story for the most part is good. The ending were kind of meh.
There were only three endings. One where you destroy the Reapers, but also kill other synthetics like the Geth and EDI, Controlling the Reapers, or combining organic and synthetic into one, I went with the Synthesis ending. I didn't have a problem with it. But it just kind of ended. No cl...
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