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Phantomrose Lazy Vlogger
21 year-old female from City of Rapture, North Atlantic
Currently Playing: GTA V
Currently Watching: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Currently Listening To: Delphic - Baiya
Currently Anticipating: Being Harley Quinn for Halloween!
Currently In: Taking a break from the TARDIS and working at Aperture Labs for a bit
Currently Writing: A book (Title TBD) & some Avengers stuff
Red vs. Blue: Blue Team FTW!
Miscellaneous Stuff: I love just about all things Disney <3 I also happen to have my own YouTube channel where I vlog and put up Let's Plays (and I now have a Tumblr!)
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Phantomrose Lazy Vlogger
SOUTHERN CA RT PEOPLE UNITE!!! Can someone please direct me to a group for Southern California RT people? We need some community meet ups around here (Maybe a Disneyland day or a Six Flags Magic Mountain day if anyone is up for it?) If there isn't already a group could someone please tell me ASAP so I can make one and start rallying people together for these meet ups?


PS. I am quite serious, I'll start a group. I need more fellow RT fans to hang out with in person!
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Name Mandy Ryan
Occupation QA Technology Specialist at Aperture Laboratories
Birthday December 25th, 1992
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