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22 year-old female from City of Rapture, North Atlantic
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Phantomrose Narcissist
Spring Break Shenanigans: Entry #1 - Late Night EscapeGuess who may be having her very first Spring Break adventure (of sorts)?

Here's the deal:

I may be heading out tonight to drive myself down to Disney with by BFF so we can get to the park bright and early in the morning. Now if you know me, you know that I am TERRIFIED of the freeway. I avoid it at all costs and the drive down to Anaheim is quite the trek for me. I am very, very, very, very, VERY scared right now but I am also feeling a strange adrenaline rush as I pack and get ready (just in case I get word that the plan is a go). Sadly we have to take separate cars so this will be my first time driving such a distance with just myself in the car. I kind of feel like this is happening right now:

I have to try to tell myself that I can be an adult and go on this new adventure no matter how scared I am (but I am not doing the best job of it thus far). So, and this might seem like a weird thing to ask, if you wonderful people could keep me in your thoughts this evening it would give me a heck of a lot of reassurance.

Now I just have to continue getting ready and telling myself that I CAN do this. Like The Doctor would say:

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