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36 year-old male from Sylmar
i have a 40 hr a week job that i work about 5 hrs a week at
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Name Josh
Occupation Office/Clerical
Birthday February 25th, 1979
Interests Music Movies Books and WoW
Music Elliott Smith Slayer Every Time I Die Interpol Coldplay Radiohead Doves Queens of the Stone Age Tool Oingo Boingo Aquabats NOFX Rancid Public Enemy Prince Outkasts The Shins Voodoo Glow Skulls Taproot Fiona Apple Pink Floyd Simon and Garfunkel Belle and Sebastian Incubus Deftones TOOL Erik B and Rakim Diggable Planets Timbaland (not missy) Mars & Mysterie Ron D Core Orbital Pearl Jam Canibal Courpse Sade Straping Young Lad Refused Muse
Movies Star Wars Shawshank Redemtion Donnie Darko Serenity Lord Of The Rings Office Space Fear and Loathing Requiem for a Dream Bottlerocket Rushmore Royal Tannenbaums Hackers Glory Boiler Room Aladin The Wall The Last Dragon
TV Shows House DEAL! or no Deal...WifeSwap or anything else that makes ppl do nonsensical stuff for my entertainment
Books StarWars the Zhan trillogy anything John Grisham