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25 year-old male from San Diego, CA
A little crazy. Love RVB and everything Roosterteeth. Enjoy gaming and going outside to explore.
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Community member's faces used in RVBBest Company Ever. That is all that can explain the awesomeness that this is. What greater way to gift a member than to immortalize them in the show they love? Not only does the person get to have a nerd's dream come true, but people will see them and say "Hey you look like --- from Red Vs Blue." How cool is that. i also love it that the people at roosterteeth are doing this. It shows how much they appreciate us the fans as we appreciate them, they probably more than the fans for adding a member into the universe they created. I love it and can't wait for season 10 of RVB. Thank you Roosterteeth.
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