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Well, it's been a while...So it's been quite a while since I posted a journal. The last one was very depressing. The one before, very exciting. This one is in-between. So what has transpired since the last journal, you ask?

Well, in the last 8 months, I've had 7 dates with 4 women. Only one had multiple dates, and she was hella boring. Seriously, her whole life was taking one college course, and watching her nephew. There was absolutely nothing to talk about after all the other stuff was exhausted.

During Thanksgiving, I went out to Manhattan, KS to spend it with my sister and the rest of my family. Since Shane lives there, I invited him and his wife over, as well as Caleb. We went shooting, I brought my Kimber, and Caleb brought his M1A, Remington 870, and "new" RPK. I love that M1A. I had a great time with close friends, something I greatly needed.

Anyway, since dropping out of classes at UCM in April, I signed up for the Police Academy in August. I graduated yesterday at the top of my class, with the highest POST score (Peace Officer Standards and Training) in my class with a 93%. I would have to say that was one of the proudest days of my life. Something that I had truly earned. The Chief of Training just a few days prior had told us a story. In addition to being a Navy Seal during Vietnam, he was an FBI agent for 29 years, and a Black Belt in Judo. During his Black Belt award ceremony, his Sensei held it in his hands and said to him "You are now my son. Your students are my grandchildren. Their students my great-grandchildren. And so on." Later that day when I was in the Chief's office just visiting, he sat me down and said to me "You are now my black-belt son" and shook my hand. I'm a hard-shelled sonnuva bitch, but even that hit a soft spot and my eyes watered. To have someone that I looked up to that much and that I idolized as a true hero say that to me, words cannot describe.

During the academy I felt a state of belonging that I had never felt before. A feeling that this is exactly where I belong, that I had found my purpose in life. And another thing that Chief had said is that "You don't pick the job, the job picks you." And that rings true for me.

So now it's just a matter of cranking out applications like a furious fax machine that threatens to spontaneously combust at any second. After that, continue the search for a woman.
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