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27 year-old female from New London, CT
What IS it all about? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence... or is there really a God? You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know. But I have to admit, it keeps me up some nights...

There's a very fine line between not listening, and not caring. I'd like to think that I walk that line every day of my life.
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ARTWORK!!!Not from me. From PhoenixAlpha and FoggedVisor.

PhoenixAlpha's profile (and latest journal entry)

They've got links to their deviantART pages there, for whoever's interested.

And if anyone's wondering where I've been... well, I don't get a lot of time online these days. I log in every once in a while to check my watchlist, but that's it. Maybe when I have more free time I'll look around more...
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Name Psi
Occupation Student
Birthday December 10th, 1987
Interests anime manga video games music martial arts anything Japanese writing trying desperately to draw netsurfing soccer but my favorite thing is pretty dresses (j/k lol)
Music Orgy Hardline Crush 40 Julien-K Evanescence Kay Hanley Letters to Cleo Linkin Park Nirvana Tears for Fears No Doubt Dead or Alive Christina Aguilera (first album ONLY... grrr...) The Cure Gwen Stefani T.N.T. Tomosaka Rie Oomori Kinuko Harisu BoA... lots and lots of others...
Movies Back to the Future trilogy Bill & Ted (both of them) Stargate Hackers Antitrust Encino Man Real Genius Spaceballs Tron Down Periscope The Matrix (only the first one) Return of the Jedi Suburban Commando Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and more including a few chick flicks that I'm not proud to name...
TV Shows Stargate SG-1 Andromeda Becker Cowboy Bebop Trigun Sailor Moon (subtitled... NEVER the dub...) Ranma Nibunnoichi lots of other shows (mostly anime) - oh yeah and JON STEWART IS A GOD!!!
Books Anything that I enjoy. I am proudly ANTI-HARRY POTTER.