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24 year-old female from West Coast
i am the best thing on this planet, second only to natasha, and even thats not for sure.

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hey guys...mk. so. if you have anything you want to say to me, any last image comments, anything, do so within the next like 3 or 5 days because im not coming back to rvb. im not coming back because im just done with it, it's no one and nothing, im just done with it.

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Name Tristan
Occupation assasin
Birthday January 11th, 1991
Interests music my friends seeing movies painting when i get really bored i do those quizilla.com quizzes lol also i give advice cause everyone thinks i give really good advice so i do all the time.
Music old punk some punk revival top 40 pop stuff (i know im so generic!!) rhcp!! sex pistols rock ummm nirvana i dunno i like a lot oh and i love queen also i love classic rock like doors beatles and the who oh and everclear.
Movies breakfast club garden state i love indie movies scary movies (i love being scared) ferris bueller (he's a righteous dude!!) titanic (i hate to admit it but i love that movie) beauty and the beast little mermaid disney rocks!! lol shaun of the dead the shining