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pjgchess PhynalPhaze
23 year-old male from East Texas
Yes, I do accept random friend requests, cause, come on, who couldn't use more friends?

I am in college studying computer science. I'm creative as well though, doing everything from song lyrics to graphical design, cosplay, and sometimes photoshop (see image gallery)

Not much else to say. Watch my posts if you want to get to know me.

My interesting connections to Rooster Teeth:
-Went to RTX 2012 & 2013
-Extra in "Day 5"
-Drunk Tank #20 theme writer/singer
-Podcast mention & Animated Adventure
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pjgchess PhynalPhaze
Me at RTX 2013 Sidequest Charity Auction! I love these people! I am so excited to be a spectre this year!
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Name Pete
Occupation Software Developer/College Student
Birthday December 8th, 1990
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Music Constantly changing but if there is one band I could tell you about it would have to be Lostprophets. They are amazing! And now thanks to RT I have hopped on the Girl Talk bandwagon (though I can say his last 2 cd's were his best. I have the others but I don't listen to them much)
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Books Adding to my nerdiness I really enjoy the Halo novels and Dead Space stuff. I don't read a whole lot. I9;ll put Fight Club just because it is awesome and was a suggestion. I also like comics... that9;s about it.
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