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Perverted spy? I wuz thinkin TF2 lol
#181  Posted 4 years ago
yewsernaim Sponsor
Griffin, im so sorry to hear about your mom. Im sure this mothers day will be a hard one.
Thanks for coming on sharing yourself with us. Very interesting show guys.
#182  Posted 4 years ago
Drunk tank is awesome!!!
#183  Posted 4 years ago
Brandon thinks I'm a punk but Griffon thinks I'm cute...this is my....favorite?
#184  Posted 4 years ago
Drunk Tank totally Pwns!
#185  Posted 4 years ago
sageWENG Sponsor
This shit is the best
keep it up
#186  Posted 4 years ago
I love this Podcasts they make my week
#187  Posted 4 years ago
IrishScar Sponsor
rofl i just watched those videos "rain run" and "the amazing bet"
they must have been sooo high :P
#188  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
ytrahne Guardian x4
I shared Brandon's taste in books in middle school. Weird.

Qrank was also the thing that informed me of Brian Jacques (Redwall series author, for those reading comments/commenting on the first two seconds of the podcast) death. It also informed me of Johnny Storm's death. Not a real person, The Human Torch.
#189  Posted 4 years ago
A crime I did in my teenage years was starting a kind of decent sized fire in a ditch (accidentally) and then fleeing the scene.
#190  Posted 4 years ago
In reply to Phase2, #25:

#191  Posted 4 years ago
needed my fix
#192  Posted 4 years ago
that guy with the out takes is kind of a douche.....
Hey Eminem, can i take your album and put it on you tube to make money off it...
#193  Posted 4 years ago
Hurray for being part ofthat 5% of women :D I <3 Drunk Tank
#194  Posted 4 years ago
SO ready for Wednesday's video Podcast! It's whats getting me through these next few days.
#195  Posted 4 years ago

Wait a minute........
#196  Posted 4 years ago
Redwall is awesome. And Brian Jaques name is pronounced like 'Jacks'. I learned that after mispronouncing his name in front of a teacher. And, by Hellsfang, there is no way that is a kids series. Death, blood, and as above Hellsfang., etc.
#197  Posted 4 years ago
I am so excited for the video podcast tomorrow!
#198  Posted 4 years ago
ajs113 Sponsor
wish u would do more DT podcast videos they are epic
#199  Posted 4 years ago
Awesome intro :D btw props for Gavin he was in a finnish news paper for that slow mo guys water balloon thing.
#200  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
why is there not button to listen to the podcast
#201  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
Griffon ... i agree with you ...i HATE "spoiler " trailers ........( almost all of them )
#202  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
How come they managed to hit most of my favorite childhood books and not completely screw them up? Even Brannon got one of my favorite authors who unfortunately, recently died.
#203  Posted 4 years ago
hp_d0ugi3 Sponsor
wtf .. wheres the podcast .. its almost 11 pm here ?
#204  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
Redlaw25 Sponsor
#205  Posted 4 years ago
Drunk tank tomorrow :D
#206  Posted 4 years ago
kael2 Sponsor
a whole extra day of waiting!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, ok, guess I'll wait if I have too!
#207  Posted 4 years ago
Phoenix_Hook Sponsor
wheres the drunk tank i need my drunk tank o0ther wise i wont beable to enoy my beer tonight
#208  Posted 4 years ago
Dont mean To Nit pick but when he kicked Brandon in the stomach he should have rotated his hips more. LOL But Brandon Took it like a man!
#209  Posted 4 years ago
Dude girls listen to this podcast to cause I listen I think your humor is great
#210  Posted 4 years ago
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