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Beautiful music.
#181  Posted 4 years ago
LordAJ3 Sponsor
Why do I always want to go to Vegas after listening to this? One day I will go to Vegas straight after listening to a podcast.
#182  Posted 4 years ago
after a crappy wednesday a good drunk tank makes me chalk it up as a win
#183  Posted 4 years ago
More videos podcasts!!!
#184  Posted 4 years ago
geddon1 Sponsor
if someone is a closed off asshole wouldnt they be full of shit? that would make it hard to have a good presentation.
#185  Posted 4 years ago
DSFares Sponsor
I totally have dual citizenship :-) I'm a born US citizen with dual citizenship in Ghana.
#186  Posted 4 years ago
Loving the Drunk Tank as always, listened to all 118 episodes so far and every minute of it was worth it. Thanks guys, we love you. (Only mildly homo)
#187  Posted 4 years ago
The drunk tank is great to listen too while playing games.
#188  Posted 4 years ago
its too long lol can u shorten it a lil i get to like 20mins an im done
#189  Posted 4 years ago
lethalmoose One Liner
Still waiting on that Pokemon podcast... And just to be clear, I said Pokemon not Poke-men.

Also, I just found that listening to the podcast while playing dead space 2 is awesome.
#190  Posted 4 years ago
In reply to optimumforge, #1:

I'd make that Thursday!

"Fist-pump Thursday!"
#191  Posted 4 years ago
KingR2088 GMN
How dumb is Brandon, I mean I'm younger then him and I even know more of the common stuff the main crew makes fun of him not knowing.
#192  Posted 4 years ago
This is why I look forward to Wednesday.
#193  Posted 4 years ago
love drunk tank
#194  Posted 4 years ago
if you guys could explain more what is goin on with bungie givin the blue flame to everybody and is Halo 4 the end of the franchise because the whole ordeal just seems weird and confusing.
#195  Posted 4 years ago
My dad's from San Antonio and he's extremely proud of it and this has to be my favorite Drunk Tank ever. I fucking hated visiting there!!! A fucking water snake tried to bite me!!
#196  Posted 4 years ago
mabezaas Sponsor
Jeff Make sure your brother-in-law does not go in as a cop/security forces, that is unless you don't like him, then push for it. He might as well just join the Army as infantry, we do all their jobs anyways. The rest of the Air Force are the ones who show up at 9 and leave at 3.

#197  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Flamebait
Hey all i gotta say is... the boobs on jacks cup are awesome. Boobs are the ultimate in presentation
#198  Posted 4 years ago
John77752 The champ
How come this isn't on youtube
#199  Posted 4 years ago
I was listening to an old podcast . the one that gus said he could smell his sneeze and then I found this on reddit dft.ba/-xfb
#200  Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys im actually an American with dual citizenship.
i was born in the US but i also have citizenship in the Republic of Panama.

P.S finally turning 18 next month see you at RTX "now with annual" in 2012 =D
#201  Posted 4 years ago
fusaaa Sponsor
the video podcasts are fun but they break my imagination that its the RvB characters sitting around a table talking about things from their past
#202  Posted 4 years ago
i like it so much better when its a video and not just a track..
#203  Posted 4 years ago
br0keneng817 Voice Actor
#204  Posted 4 years ago
next week more halo WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!
#205  Posted 4 years ago
lethalmoose One Liner
In reply to CoronadoRvB, #195:

Blue flame is for those who have the Bungie App. Although June 23rd through early July everyone playing reach on live can get it.

Halo 4 is not the end of the franchise. Remember that google is your friend.
#206  Posted 4 years ago
you fuckers beter keep ur booths open i will fucking lose it if you make it private
#207  Posted 4 years ago
Most memorable map in Halo? Probably Sidewinder. I absolutely loved that map.
#208  Posted 4 years ago
SirCrazyPhil Sponsor
get drunk
#209  Posted 4 years ago
mariners005 Voice of NY
They are still missing COD: Big Red One
#210  Posted 4 years ago
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