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#151  Posted 3 years ago
Wednesdays make life worth living <3
#152  Posted 3 years ago
love this one
#153  Posted 3 years ago
jojobinx42 Car Guy
Why do yo guys have to bash on MLP?
#154  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
Bbqsauce CAD Tech
Gus is 6'2"? I thought he was a lot shorter...like 5'10" or something
#155  Posted 3 years ago
I clicked on the stocking link. It crash the app. I tried multiple times. Bullshit.
#156  Posted 3 years ago
I have the original Duke controllers!!!!! And they are wireless also!!!!!! Awesome!

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#157  Posted 3 years ago
sailorangel5 Sponsor
I gotta thank E as well then. I got a fitbit after the Drunk tank talked about it. It is the best thing ever, and it helps with my crazy desire for number analysis. So thanks E.

I listen to the podcast while running now.

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#158  Posted 3 years ago
OhBloodyHell Sponsor
Gus: (In reference to his Zero Hour hoodie) "I think this might be it's last winter."
He said the same exact thing about that hoodie two years ago on Drunk Tank #37, lol.
#159  Posted 3 years ago
I can only imagine how in the holy hell you could ever remember or notice anything like that. Nerd-fanboy-kudos to you, my friend.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
OhBloodyHell Sponsor
Haha, don't give me too much credit on my memory. I just listen to old podcasts I had never listened to. I just happened to be listening to that one a few days after this one came out.
#2  Posted 3 years ago
It's nice to see a guest start on the Drunk Tank. XD
#160  Posted 3 years ago
Bgphantom Sponsor
Awesome episode Rooster Teeth, especially Gus for manning the desk. But I am annoyed at Burnie for mispronouncing Brisbane. Don't emphasise the "bane" part, Burnie.
#161  Posted 3 years ago
yelnocp Dirigo
A wonderful podcast; thanks for hearing us on the length. When you guys have the freedom to digress, it makes it that much funnier.
#162  Posted 3 years ago
Yay Dog chewing stories...I have a Siberian Husky...they don't stop their chewing phase until well into adulthood...My dog ate a Rolex watch, a cell phone, 5 remotes, part of a dresser, destroyed an entire wicker patio set, ate part of a door, carpet, couch, the list goes on and on
#163  Posted 3 years ago
Look up ''Batmaning'' =D
#164  Posted 3 years ago
E was pretty cool, always love special guests
#165  Posted 3 years ago
EightysJoe Sponsor
This was my first Drunk Tank experience and it was well worth it. I've always enjoyed the RVB commentary and this is a lot like that. As always thanks guys. Keep it up.
#166  Posted 3 years ago
l10nking Sponsor
oh Gus you silly goose, forgetting to press record and whatnot oh ho ho ho *puts on monocle*
#167  Posted 3 years ago
RoosTerC Sponsor
oooo....gus fucked up, but great podcast otherwise!
#168  Posted 3 years ago
masher14 Designer
Can't get over how... hateful they are to Bronies and Furries...
Still love them, though. Very Masochistic.
#169  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Aww come on. dont fire Michael over my little ponies.
#170  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Keep it coming
#171  Posted 3 years ago
Evolution is stupid it has a ton of holes and Darwin even denied it on his death bed it's stupid and it's a theory but people act like it's a law if you do any science at all you know that order hypothesis then theory then law but in short.EVOLUTION IS STUPID!!!!
#172  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Flamebait
#173  Posted 3 years ago
I need a dog
#174  Posted 3 years ago
I think there should be a community contest where the prize is a Fitbit.
#175  Posted 3 years ago
Hahaha Micheal screaming in the background
#176  Posted 3 years ago
TheHow7zer Sponsor
That whole thing about a guy who can find your pictures and delete you from the internet? Watch I Am Number 4, there is a guy in that movie who can do that! :P
#177  Posted 3 years ago
KrisbeCreme Soundguy
Hey guys, just want to put my two cents in (First time posting), Acton (the guy who died planking in Brissy), was a good mate of mine, and clearly wasn't an idiot. One of the nicest guys I knew, it was just recklessness mixed with the bulletproof mentality that comes with alcohol and hanging with mates.
#178  Posted 3 years ago
"I know pressure points" should be a RT shirt
#179  Posted 3 years ago
im quickly becoming a fan
#180  Posted 3 years ago
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