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I have 2 duke controllers from my original Xbox i still use them anyone what them?????????
#181  Posted 3 years ago
Well, it is 5:00 am here in Eugene Oregon, and I'm listening to old podcasts. Damn school. I wish all my friends dropped out like I did. Noobs. Some people just don't like a challenge.
#182  Posted 3 years ago
What mic do they use
#183  Posted 3 years ago
I have the first 3 starwars movies still on vhs
#184  Posted 3 years ago
enjoying old podcasts. and just watched honey badger for the first time in awhile. 40.5 million views. that's a bit insane
#185  Posted 3 years ago
Hey guys. let's all get together and build a real life street legal warthog. I know plenty of people who have the fabrication skills to do it.
#186  Posted 3 years ago
There's a place about 2hrs south of st. Louis, MO called wibs I think, I remember traveling there, in a city called Jackson, MO, it's just a little diner, but it's the best BBQ sandwich you'll ever have, outside combo is the way to go.
If you're ever in the area, check it out.
#187  Posted 3 years ago
just watching some old podcasts and heard them talking about kerry and his fitbit. Can't imagine if he brought that on his simple walk into mordor
#188  Posted 2 years ago
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