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Wait so did Joel come home 12 grand up or did he lose how ever much money then get 12 grand?
#61  Posted 3 years ago
icyhot85 Sponsor
Listening from Afghanistan. I'm guessing I'm one of those unknown areas...
#62  Posted 3 years ago
AmandaJoye Undercover
When do we get another video podcast? :D
#63  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
masher14 Designer
For a second, I misread "2 Player Productions" for "4 Player Podcast."
I was really happy for a moment.
#64  Posted 3 years ago
WooHoo! Drunk Tank fanatics unite!
Let's build a fucking temple and bury copies of the Podcast under it!
Let's goooo
#65  Posted 3 years ago
baggins Sponsor
As a person from Adelaide, I love how you described Melbourne as the butt of Australia.
#66  Posted 3 years ago
Mojang means gizmo.
#67  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Michael is more than just a Brony, he follows the Bro Code set down by NPH and SUITS UP!
#68  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
dcwars Sponsor
:) dont stop the podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#69  Posted 3 years ago
onlydraven Sponsor
Hearing the part about how they made the little girl cry in Black Beauty reminded me of this story. In Blue Lagoon Brooke Shields had to simulate having sex and an orgasm. She was too young to know how was looked/sounded, so the director had someone off screen pinching her toe very hard. Her expressions are actually pain. Saw that in an interview with Brooke Shields years ago...
#70  Posted 3 years ago
Kiwi listener reporting in!
#71  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Cool
Gus, about the guy that remembered you when you wanting to buy a house, its just that your so distinctly Gus, that or maybe you were sweating and it ate through the car seat...
#72  Posted 3 years ago
EyedJam Sponsor
like you guys are probably the main source of my knowledge in the technological world. rock on drunk tank!
#73  Posted 3 years ago
valentalos Sponsor
Been waiting for the rest of the Joel story since last week...I was hoping it would have involved Joel, Jack and Jerome in a wacky adventure with aliens, strippers, mobsters, and a dramatic, end of the weekend, life or death poker game. But coming back back from vegas $12,000 up...yea thats good too.
#74  Posted 3 years ago
I decided to listen to this from the silent library.
I always want to join in the convo.
Today I did.
Worth all the awkward glances.
#75  Posted 3 years ago
Holy shit! Everybody appeared this time. I was pleased with Joel and Brandon joining to the podcast, and then, out of nowhere, Geoff! That's why I'm glad we don't have a 10 days week, that would mean I'd have to wait more for the Drunk Tank. Unless...

I listen you from Costa Rica, btw. We're probably not even in the first 100 countries in the scale of listeners but that's cool with me, I have a Griff POV about it. The way I see it, there's no responsibility about competing with anybody that way, I just need to open a beer (or two) and enjoy the podcast.
#76  Posted 3 years ago
I love the Drunk Tank Sherman thats just awesome. Great podcast as always gentlemen.
#77  Posted 3 years ago
360 controller in one hand cold can of fosters, perfect setup for listerning to the drunk tank.
#78  Posted 3 years ago
love your guys podcast, but everything before the last 28 episodes cant play. I'm not sure if its me or something.
#79  Posted 3 years ago
I am so happy that the new Podcast is out. Listening to it for the second time while doing homework, but slowly getting more and more distracted. Might as well go to bed soon.
#80  Posted 3 years ago
Actually Burnie the Romans adopted the 7 day week from the Hebrews, not the Greeks.
#81  Posted 3 years ago
I work at a Target. And i thought your guy's bit about them was so damn true. I hardly ever ask about the Red Card, because it's an inconvenience, and you just want to leave! And no can seem to spend less than $100 on a shopping trip.
#82  Posted 3 years ago
GnarlyRobro Sponsor
That gold ATM is literally 3 miles from my house... ugh, Boca Raton, why must you make me look like a douche?
#83  Posted 3 years ago
Good work guys :) And yes i hate people who talk so damn loud on their cell phone
#84  Posted 3 years ago
This is funny listening them talk about Australia, as I live there, and their blind guessing xp
#85  Posted 3 years ago
Joel. Get debt free with that 12 grand.
#86  Posted 3 years ago
Waited all damn day to listen to this. God working at a call center blows.
#87  Posted 3 years ago
come on video podcasts!!
#88  Posted 3 years ago
Archerofyail Sponsor
awesome podcast as always . mojang is gizmo in swedish btw
#89  Posted 3 years ago
go the kiwi
#90  Posted 3 years ago
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