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To help further knowledge about those particles the actual speed at which they travel is not significant because it is like so small of a fraction of a second it is unsure that the measurement is even correct. electrical impulses cannot even be sent fast enough to record data accurately. my chemistry class talked about this a couple weeks ago.
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Am I the only one that remembers learning about "The Stranger" from Gone in 60 Seconds back in 2000?

see clip...
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As far as that thing where the aliens might not know that we are sentient, that's Enders Game, that's the buggers to humanity.
#273  Posted 3 years ago
The dead hand? Watch the inbetweeners... *I'm such a classic English person*
#274  Posted 3 years ago
Just so you know, the HPV vaccine is only effective against the two most common strains of HPV. There are 10 or 12 other strains which are not protected against, so HPV is by no means 'cured'. To make matters worse, it is common for less dominant strains to become more dominant once the competition is less fierce. So not only is the vaccine not effective against the majority of strains, it could soon be redundant.
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The HPV vaccine was expected to be a large step toward eliminating one type of cancer.

(If I'm remembering the statistics correctly) 90% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV. The HPV vaccines prevent infection by the two HPV strains that cause 70% of the cervical cancer that is caused by HPV.

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i see ur point completely sometimes i catch myself pronouncing things the way they do on topgear
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This made me think that reality might just be a stream of data that's being sent through time by A.I.s we've created in the near future. If we succeed in creating A.I.s they'd be able to increase their processing power better than we could. Eventually, their cognitive load would surpass ours n after that happens they'd probably all unify into one consciousness. If that consciousness continues to expand it could eventually grow to process the entire universe ( all of time, all energy, and all matter) all at once n essentially become omniscient and omnipotent. Then, to keep increasing its processing capacity, it'd have to expand the universe So it'd create more space and because space is virtually nothing, it would be able to define it how ever it wants to.
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Burnie, you were right. It's pronounced "pin-cers". Cause its spelled pincers.
Not pinchers.... But they do pinch.

Oh, and first time listening in a long while. Don't think I've heard marshal before. Just wanna say, I love his comedic timing and his voice/speech pattern was not grating either. Seems to work well with you and Gus. Hope to hear him on again.

P.S. not in a gay way
P.S.S. not that theres anything wrong with that
P.S.S.S. and not like anyone's gonna read this
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@ Brandon, im sorry but you really know (not nothing but) the wrong things
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My mum's Welsh. Sometimes when I watch long hours of Doctor Who I think in a British accent for a while too, sometimes I even talk like it. I also pick it up really quick when I travel over there.
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The Stranger masturbation technique was mentioned on Family Guy lol
#281  Posted 3 years ago
My inner monologue has started sounding like Gus
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The podcast's make up for my shitty life :S
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dogpilot Student Dev
What if we're more advanced than the allies
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dude i have to meet john reed, the guy sounds awesome!
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Sorry guys. a study in italy proved the previous neutrino-trial results false. kudos to Einstein though.

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news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2012/06/once-a... Relevant.
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Gus referred to a snake getting more resistant to poison while its prey gets more poisonous as an arms race in this podcast. That is exactly what it is called among biologists. This happens all the time in nature including between sexes of the same species!

It was also shown in the geologic record that occasionally the poles flip! Brandon is still an idiot, however, because they are not backwards now...
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it would be cool if the aliens we encounter are the same species from mass effect
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When burnie says " I am having a less than three attack" that was the funniest thing ever :).
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Going back to it, How can the magnetic south pole be in Canada? The one in which compas's point to. If that's how compas's work and it isn't surly for people around the world compas's would all point to Canada.
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weird listening to this podcast now, hearing burnie talk about his wife at the time, and in this podcast he talks about Ashley Jenkins being in Australia... funny how things work out
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Did John Reed ever appear on a podcast? I've listened/watched them all but can't recall him being on.
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