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on thr 69 min. mark they were talking about the alain spaceship apearing, then i herd the siren
that litterly scared the FUCK out of me
#241  Posted 3 years ago
That Popsicle Stick thing is crazy!
#242  Posted 3 years ago
Cell phones of today when you dail 911, actually call the local 911 from the city of which your phone is tied to, so if you are traveling and need to dial 911, your cell phone is the last thing your going to want to use. You will need another persons cell that is local to that area or find a pay phone or a business phone to call. Pretty stupid that way but cell phones companies do it to us.
#243  Posted 3 years ago
larissa Sponsor
Not gonna lie, I'd die to hear John Marshall Reed on the podcast. Really hope you guys can get him on, he seems like a fantastic guy and I'm sure he'd make a great addition.

Or I just want to listen to his voice for an hour. Take your pick.
#244  Posted 3 years ago
JunoDagger Sponsor
...A new masturbation technique?

Seriously, Burnie. Not as bad as Geoff's experience in an Oregon strip club but still...!
#245  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
Whats the song?? I recognize it...
#246  Posted 3 years ago
lol if i wont he lottery i would get a company just so i can pay rooster teeth to be a sponsor, every wednesday " the drunk task brought to you by * awesome company" ... epic
#247  Posted 3 years ago
that Popsicle wave reminds me of that guy from america got talent that made a huge one got in then failed later on in the season
#248  Posted 3 years ago
Viva la Drunk Tank!
#249  Posted 3 years ago
AgentAri Sponsor
I think we all need a small stack of "stop talking cards". Life would be so much more entertaining lol
#250  Posted 3 years ago
you should also check that apart from an AUS accent if she has also picked up very Ausrtalian language such as G'day and stuff. Great pod cast guys always very funny
#251  Posted 3 years ago
I hate to sound like a comic nerd, but that thing the guys where talking about how doctors don't cure reminds me of what Lex Luthor did in Superman: Doomsday where he like find's a cure for cancer, but he tell his medical team to make it take 10 years, so the saps will have to buy it forever. or some B.S. like that.
#252  Posted 3 years ago
leonv71 Sponsor
i still think the drunk tank is better

but you almost sold me with Shakespeare
#253  Posted 3 years ago
#254  Posted 3 years ago
Holy shit! The cop car coming by at 69:24 was freaking PERFECT timing.

Their watching......

do do do do, do do do do, do do do do
#255  Posted 3 years ago
Just to back up Marshall, I am an Electrical Engineering major and most of my professors are Asian, and I've found that whenever I read my notes or text books, i read them in my professors accents. You are not alone Marshall...
#256  Posted 3 years ago
I'm actually getting a BS in Computer Science.
#257  Posted 3 years ago
AgentAri Sponsor

Reason 1 not to upgrade...this shit is indestructible.
#258  Posted 3 years ago
I thinj the new name is just as awesome as the old one, i mean nothing changed in the podcast just name people so just chillz yo
#259  Posted 3 years ago
i wish they would do another video podcast again
#260  Posted 3 years ago
mvlonewolf Sponsor
Internet Box.
#261  Posted 3 years ago
Fair dinkum' I'm sick of the younger staff at Rooster Teeth giving all Gen Y's a bad rep. I'm 21 and whilst I don't know everything I'm not half as thick as Gavino or Brandon or Ben seem to be when it comes to general knowledge.
#262  Posted 3 years ago
Hay Brandon Im from Scotland and I'm gonna around the world so I thought maybe all I need is my iPhone and a shovel cause on my way I'm gonna pick up some minerals from the south pole
#263  Posted 3 years ago
bait_ Sponsor
"The Stranger" dude thats been around since atleast gone in 60 seconds with Nicolas Cage. its explained in like the first 3 minutes of the movie. just made me laugh, because i havn't heard someone talk about the stranger in like 4 years
#264  Posted 3 years ago
You guys need to check your info before you make fun of Brandon, the magnetic south pole is in Canada, and it is due to iron at the earths core. It's funny because, not to be a troll, but the way Gus reacted to Brandon is the same way I reacted to Gus when he didn't understand the concept of magnetic north and south poles. I think the RT crew may be a little quick to judge when it comes to the things their employees say.
#265  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
I'm pretty sure I saw something once that said that our brain needs to predict the future because the time it takes the signal to travel from our eyes to our brain is longer than our response time or something like that.
#266  Posted 3 years ago
21 and still don't know all the capitals.
#267  Posted 3 years ago
same thing happened with my dads bag at a concert lol
#268  Posted 3 years ago
I love picking up tips on how to be a douche from the podcast :P
#269  Posted 3 years ago
Also, I first encountered "the stranger" In a book we had for English. That lesson was slightly awkward
#270  Posted 3 years ago
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