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This is the first anything has made me buy anything
#91  Posted 3 years ago
Huttball the next best thing after grifball.
#92  Posted 3 years ago
Diokana Sponsor
Was that a hint for hk-47? That would be so insane.
#93  Posted 3 years ago
First off, TOR drunk tank= awesome. Second, the Wilhelm Scream sound bite from the link dump sounds like Geoff.
#94  Posted 3 years ago
todd_long Sponsor
Good Podcast, to bad you had to be on your best manners.
#95  Posted 3 years ago
Rolf Elmo
#96  Posted 3 years ago
The Drunk Tanks: "Founded on March 09, 2011, led by Enchillada" Damn, now i'm hungry,
#97  Posted 3 years ago
chasedamon Sponsor
Well this is my first mmorpg.
#98  Posted 3 years ago
FOR THE... SITH?!?!?!
#99  Posted 3 years ago
Baldur's Gate shout-out :D
#100  Posted 3 years ago
Yah that hut ball sounds just like grifball.
#101  Posted 3 years ago
JackisWINNIN Sponsor
Sorry guys, I thought this was the lamest podcast you've done yet.
#102  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 0 Lame
JackisWINNIN Sponsor
Correction: This is the only episode I didn't like.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Hated this podcast. Didn't even finish listening to it.
#103  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
First time I have been bored with the podcast, but I guess that comes down to being a trekkie!!
#104  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Could not tell the difference between Adam and the BioWare dudes.

From what I can remember, this has to be the most game-centric podcast. I heard nothing but The Old Republic. Can't wait!... to upgrade my PC -.-
#105  Posted 3 years ago
Kronobandit Sponsor
I think i have listened to this about 6 times so far. Going for a seventh! If its TOR, its always replayable
#106  Posted 3 years ago
Question about the gameboy games..... So when do you just give up fixing them like on the pokemon games?
#107  Posted 3 years ago
reddevil9312 Sponsor
I have a guess as to who the evil droid is... I can't remember the name, but I remember it's quote: "Organic meatbag!"
#108  Posted 3 years ago
Did anyone else think it was weird when they started talking about the war zones?
#109  Posted 3 years ago
erm just one request
pleeeeese do some more video podcasts plz this comment might never be read but peeeeeeese don at least one more vidcast this might have more than 3 billion spelling errors 'idiot points' but its like 4 in the morning at the moment but pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz do one more ' vidcast '
#110  Posted 3 years ago
plz join me if you think so ploxy plox!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Sounds like a fun game, but i kinda miss burnie talking about poop haha (:
#111  Posted 3 years ago
Come on Gus make more podcast videos!!!
#112  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
This episode is 3/4s 1337 for a reason, Its just lacking the other 3, because it is indeed 1337
#113  Posted 3 years ago
I started out as a QA tester in my job too! ^_^
Awesome job guys! Yeah Rooster Teeth!
#114  Posted 3 years ago
Other iconic droids you say? HK-47 will you be blasting those damn meatbags for me?
#115  Posted 3 years ago
Huttball. This is the best game since grifbal!
#116  Posted 3 years ago
Wait, they said that droids and other figures would return in the game. I am really hoping to see WeeGee. And possibly 8t88?
#117  Posted 3 years ago
Hmmm, I dunno about Old Republic just yet, might have to wait for a bit until it expands more. For now, I shall wait for Mists of Pandaria!
#118  Posted 3 years ago
Hearing them talk about the Old Republic makes me want to play it!
#119  Posted 3 years ago
Bo yeah podcast
#120  Posted 3 years ago
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