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Why isn't it a blue carpet? lol
#91  Posted 3 years ago
I miss Absinthe...... it was the best drunk ever.
#92  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Just a random thing I remembered while listening.
The laser tag in Christchurch NZ has the video game character names and stuff like "Sonic" and whatnot but they also have names like "Caboose" "Simmons" and "Griff".
#93  Posted 3 years ago
EskimoRabbit Sponsor
I would say that Joel should come to St.Louis, Missouri. but everyone still has their World Series champions T-shirts on
#94  Posted 3 years ago
guitarmania Spawnsor
Gawd, after such a fucking shitty day it's nice to have the podcast to come home to, you guys are a lifesaver you don't even know, thx :)
#95  Posted 3 years ago
It was cool meeting Joel and Brandon at Armageddon expo in New Zealand .
#96  Posted 3 years ago
Jeezuz, when is the next Video Podcast coming? Im scared.
#97  Posted 3 years ago
Love how you guys talk about New Zealand a decent amount, glad you guys enjoyed yourselves here. Keen to hear Burnies thoughts on the trip aswell as the electric fence story hahaha.
#98  Posted 3 years ago
I am dissapointed. Ever since Gears of War 3 released you guys haven't talked for shit about it. I heard two sentences about it since it's release on the pocast. One of them being Gus saying "I just beat the campaign the other night."
Really? Come on!
I wanted to hear what you guys thought of it, like you did for Portal 2 or something.
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mariners005 Voice of NY
don't show feet.....looking at you Muppets....your on notice
#100  Posted 3 years ago
RowCope ButtonMasher
Wait, wasn't Brandon's character killed on the roof of the insurrectionist building in ep 15 via a giant MAC round, or was that not Brandon?
#101  Posted 3 years ago
Sarge_Zaynus Sponsor
Gus was in Adelaide?!?!?!?
#102  Posted 3 years ago
Where is Geoff?!?
#103  Posted 3 years ago
yossarian14 StL Off
Ah, finally able to listen to the podcast. I've been looking forward to this.
#104  Posted 3 years ago
Sorry Gus...no. Uncharted 3 is crap.
#105  Posted 3 years ago
Hatchling001 Custodian
I loved the part about taxis and cars for hire, cause I drive for one of those companies.

FYI they call us "Livery" cabs.

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#106  Posted 3 years ago
i miss your faces! can we have a video podcast soon??
#107  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Popcorn55 Seffen
I wish the Mercedes is cheaper applied in all situations.
#108  Posted 3 years ago
If you were listening to the part about THQ's "props" in their secret meeting, here's a Kotaku post that says they lost a bunch of them: kotaku.com/5858682/thq-maintains-it-knows-exactly-where-all-its-dildos-are
#109  Posted 3 years ago
The guy who said "Why not a blue carpet?" is Joel right? Like the guy who played Caboose who's on the Blue Team.
#110  Posted 3 years ago
#111  Posted 3 years ago
I Think all games should come out on a Wednesday that way Gus can't spoil it
#112  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Griffon leaving Rooster Teeth is HUGE news! Why hasn't it been mentioned on the podcast?!
#113  Posted 3 years ago
#114  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
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New Zealand ftw :D
#116  Posted 3 years ago
axelx3000 Sponsor
were is the 3 in skyrim?
#117  Posted 3 years ago
Skyrim is def game of the year.....
#118  Posted 3 years ago
Although I own a PS3, I'd argue that Gears of War 3 is a better game than Uncharted 3 but I respect that opinion.
#119  Posted 3 years ago
Craps in the U.S? Not the same in NZ
#120  Posted 3 years ago
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