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How do you get into the gaming industry.
P.S. Company of Industries. Ha.
#151  Posted 3 years ago
I found the Easter egg under ground the gulity spark with his laser in the firefight map
#152  Posted 3 years ago
Not to get nit-picky or anything, but to my knowledge World War I was essentially caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Not sure if that's accurate, but that's what I learned in school.
#153  Posted 3 years ago
In china at some point a girl was kidnapped and a shogun had wage war on a different part of china
#154  Posted 3 years ago
I got the pay off on the electric fence joke.

A friend and I were doing this cross country thing a few years ago and we came to this fence. I look and see the sign and so does he. He actually says "Hey an electric fence, I wonder if it will shock us if we touch it?" so I get the whole anime eyes thing and say "Nah, I bet it is just to stop people going in the field"
And he gabbed the fence and did a yelp which I could only compare to Michael Jackson. "Oww!"

It should have been him on the floor but I laughed so hard I had to sit down.
#155  Posted 3 years ago
Bring Geoff back to the podcast. Kick his ass and tie him to the chair. The second string guys you bring on the podcast doesn't make up for the fact that he gone.
#156  Posted 3 years ago
Where the eff is the picture of the guys sleeping on the plane. Gus you promised us a link to this picture.
#157  Posted 3 years ago
hegelbagel Sponsor
does anyone know the link to see those photos of gus and burnie playing halo?
#158  Posted 3 years ago
Halo and Munch's Oddessy were how i got introduced to gaming
#159  Posted 3 years ago
Also Cell Damage
#160  Posted 3 years ago
Awesome Podcast. I love how Brandon tries to defend his gullibility. Electric fences FTW :)
#161  Posted 3 years ago
hey when are you guys gonna do another video podcast?
#162  Posted 3 years ago
x man
#163  Posted 3 years ago
#164  Posted 3 years ago
these make my week
#165  Posted 3 years ago
standingguy Sponsor
This is perhaps the most hilarious episode since "Headlight fluid"!
#166  Posted 3 years ago
Actually King Koopa (Bowser) took over Mushroom kingdom; they were the original invaders. The real inhabitants are the Toads (The guys with mushrooms on their heads you save instead of Princess Peach). She was the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and her people were Toads, not Koopas or Goombas. That's what I think anyway :P
#167  Posted 3 years ago
rilly ere the fuck is geoff
#168  Posted 3 years ago
*were i fail
#169  Posted 3 years ago
(Don't know if anyone else called this or if it's weird that I am. First time commenting.) But the guy that is the in the remake Longest Yard and Contact, he is also in the very beginning of The Dark Knight. He is the mob guy with the shot gun that shoots threw the glass wall at the clowns.
#170  Posted 3 years ago
so this is a podcast huh....funny :)
#171  Posted 3 years ago
I love listening to Burns getting indignant over his failed attempted murder plot.
#172  Posted 3 years ago
its long it's funny only problem is its not called DRUNK TANK :(
best Roosterteeth podcast to date.
#173  Posted 3 years ago
Gharial Sponsor
As a Kiwi I can totally back Brandon! NEVER GO THROUGH HAMILTON SH 1B all the way!
#174  Posted 3 years ago
Oddree13 Sponsor
In all fairness, I unknowingly grab an electric fence in Kenya, and didn't even realize I was getting shocked until our guide said something because that is how low voltage it was
#175  Posted 3 years ago
It seems like they abuse joel
#176  Posted 3 years ago
I'm gonna be auto-tuuuned.... Aaahhh fuck! It's stuck my head now!
#177  Posted 3 years ago
I want to be auto tuned also!
#178  Posted 3 years ago
skyrim is an awesum game
#179  Posted 3 years ago
Outlander718 Sponsor
can anyone tell me how to submit/report Easter Eggs that we have found?? thanks.
#180  Posted 3 years ago
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