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Holy crap, are my headphones just gone bonkers or do I hear some crazy ticks in the first 5 minutes of the podcast
#31  Posted 3 years ago
Late day at work+ new podcast = not so bad working late!
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as always im excited for the podcast yet again disappointed the Geoff isnt there. Where is he??
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I love how if jack doesn't understand/ doesn't agree with something he simply says it sucks without having any proof whatsoever (like not acknowledging humans are mostly have water)
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Am I the only one that listens to the podcast while playing video games?
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Lolman_scott Sponsor
Burnie doesn't seem to really know the whole Late Night deal. He seems to think Conan is the one being canned, but it's really Jay Leno who is doing so poorly, that NBC wants to put him into Conan's time slot. And Conan wants nothing to do with that so he's threatening to leave altogether. It bugs me when they talk about these things and don't have the all the facts, but still form such strong opinions about them while acknowledging they don't know what's going on.
to quote jordan
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farenheit is based on mercury not people.
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I use Dvorak...
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67% of all statistics are made up
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I'll tell why celcius is usable, especially if you live in a colder country like me. You want to know when it will freeze outside! It's really important to know if the road will be slippery, if it will snow instead of rain and so on. And if the system is based around water that's easy to know. I know that if it's below 0 degrees celcius, all water will be forzen. Also it's easier to use if you're cooking, since you want to know when the water will be boiling. Enough said

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I fucking love Craig!
#41  Posted 3 years ago
Blutonian Spooner
#1  Posted 3 years ago
This should really be called the Gus tank, because he's the only one who is consistently there.
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Blutonian Spooner
Lol that's because nobody else wants to have the job of editing it together!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
I want to know which frank now.
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celsius beats all
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The achievement I am most proud of is A Monument to All Your Sins
#45  Posted 3 years ago
Sweet just spent the last week catching up on the podcast
#46  Posted 3 years ago
mvlonewolf Sponsor
In podcast 45 talking about JayOrDan, Burnie talks about Dana Carvey's heart problems. In podcast 147, with JayOrDan, Burnie talks about Dana Carvey's heart problems.
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Canadians use -40 to +40.
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RogueFlying Sponsor
Guys guys guys, if you use Celsius, you use DECIMALS. As in 25.5 degrees Celsius.
#49  Posted 3 years ago
Blutonian Spooner
That's in efficient compared to Fahrenheit. You have to say 3 numbers and a "point" in there. That's double the amount of words I want to hear when figuring out what I need to put on before I go outside...
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Get to listen to the all new podcast on my new iPad, life = AWESOME
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70 degrees Celsius is the temperature food needs to reach in order to kill bacteria to prevent food poisoning
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Celsius is much better than Fahrenheit for judging the whether because 0 degrees is the freezing point, meaning if the temperature outside is below 0, it will be cold and snow is a possibility. If the temperature is above 0 then it won't snow. If the temperature is anywhere near the 30's, it'll be hot.

The Fahrenheit system is not nearly as useful in judging the whether, the freezing point is 32, which is a fairly arbitrary placement.

The justification given by Burnie for the use of Fahrenheit seemed to be that it tells people when they have a fever, which is a far less practical basis for measuring temperature.

Other than that Burnie seemed to claim Fahrenheit was more precise, but that too makes little sense considering the decimal system has been around for a very, very long time.

The RT guys seem to be stuck in a bubble, impervious to outside reason.
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omegacat Sponsor
Technically Rankine serves as Fahrenheit's Kelvin equivalent, where 0*R equals absolute zero, and the degree intervals are the same as in Fahrenheit. So, we can manage fine. Though as I said before, even though I like Fahrenheit for common everyday uses, I overwhelmingly prefer metric for Scien...
#5  Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for understanding, you seem to be quite reflected on the world around you. I love it when people know what they are talking about. (haha) ;-)
I think we should drop using Norsk (Bokml & Nynorsk), because everything we learned at school was in International English (EST - English for Sc...
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100 fahrenheit livable fahrenheit?
In some scandinavian countries like in mine we use saunas, and in saunas its pretty casual for some people to be in a sauna in around 200 fahrenheit.
When I go to sauna its around 176 fahrenheit.

We use celcius though so I just googlelated that.
#53  Posted 3 years ago
Blutonian Spooner
A sauna is a controlled environment. What Burnie is referring to, is that when your internal body temperature reaches 106 degrees, your internal organs begin to become damaged, most notably the brain. When the outdoor temperature is over 100 F, many individuals, are prone to suffer heat exhaustion. ...
#1  Posted 3 years ago
When they were talking about temperatures, Burnie asked Barbara the same questions he asked Gavin :O

pd.- I noticed because i was listening to that one
#54  Posted 3 years ago
That occupy wall street dog bit on Conan was hilarious.
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kitty is a bad mystic www.kontraband.com/videos/21400/Kitty-Is-A-Bad-Mystic/
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Blutonian Spooner
Nice, you found it, I was having a panic attack when Burnie said that!!!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
It's all international dateline bullshit!
#57  Posted 3 years ago
Wow! 2 Refrences to to Podcast 45.
#58  Posted 3 years ago
InternetDave StudentLife
Just to let you guys know, the reporter stroke wasn't actually a stroke. It was caused by an atypical migraine. My sister had this once, and basically you lose your ability to speak resembles a stroke.
#59  Posted 3 years ago
makkebakke Bingewatcher
I'm most proud of my 100% in Fallout 3 GOTY Edition
#60  Posted 3 years ago
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