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anthonology Sponsor
Keep up the good stuff (insert smiley-face)
#211  Posted 3 years ago
Alright another podcast awesome.
#212  Posted 3 years ago
You guys need to get Kathleen on the Podcast now!
#213  Posted 3 years ago
I've got the MO!!
#214  Posted 3 years ago
Chocovich Sponsor
#215  Posted 3 years ago
virusmjm Sponsor
another funny podcast guys and i love how you always end your podcast with where you guys should go for lunch lol
#216  Posted 3 years ago
Why the hell did it end in mid sent-......
#217  Posted 3 years ago
The hotdog story was hilarious
#218  Posted 3 years ago
Seri Sponsor
I can relate to the V.A.T.S
fuck that system

*on some occasions
#219  Posted 3 years ago
Haydar20 Unspecified
This is the funniest podcast I've listened to.
#220  Posted 3 years ago
Always a laugh
#221  Posted 3 years ago
Mac OS is a modified UNIX. So Apple is a criminal
#222  Posted 3 years ago
Also, Siri isnt getting worse, they just made it look a hell of a lot better then it actually is.
#223  Posted 3 years ago
scratfoREVer Sponsor
Fantastic podcast. Gotta love the long Star Trek/sci-fi discussion.
#224  Posted 3 years ago
Some cut scenes do need to be skip-able I agree. Final Fantasy 8 had a summon called Eden that took well over 2 minutes of animation and some battles were timed!
#225  Posted 3 years ago
seriously though, where the fuck is jeff?
#226  Posted 3 years ago
Finnaly a new podcast
#227  Posted 3 years ago
Hehehe. I just started playing Fallout 3 again after hearing this... I forgot how much that game sucks you in...
#228  Posted 3 years ago
#229  Posted 3 years ago
What the fudge!? Burnie read for the woman!? Joel sounds much more like a woman than Burnie!
#230  Posted 3 years ago
Yeeeeeeesss!!! Joel standing up for the car! Clearly the best form of transport ever devised. Burnie's line was hysterical: 60 BILLION DOLLARS? Do we have that? Man that was funny.
#231  Posted 3 years ago
MrMcCrunch Sponsor
Burnie's episode of Star Trek sort of happened already. In the episode "Fight or Flight" of Star Trek Enterprise, they leave a worm named Sluggo on a planet.
#232  Posted 3 years ago
Best episode of the next generation (imo) was one of the early ones that focused on a group of one shot characters. It ends with Picard (probably spelled wrong) asking one of the female aforementioned characters to go on a spy mission, then another scene where he informs the rest of the one shots that she didn't make it. It was very dark.
#233  Posted 3 years ago
this is the first podcast i have listened to of rooster teeth... infact this will be the first podcast i have listened to ever. and i shall say this, ahem (cleers thought) that there is some funny shit. im sad neither of the download options worked but other than that just another amazingly funny thing from rooster teeth to lighten my otherwise moderate days.
#234  Posted 3 years ago
Lol at joel - "Why are you ignoring me! Like a normal woman!"
#235  Posted 3 years ago
On the off chance anyone is actually interested in Watson here is a link explaining (at a very high level) how Watson reaches an answer in Jeopardy. Currently it is being utilized in the healthcare industry to analyze patient data and medical journals and suggests possible diagnosis to doctors. There are also plans to have it used in economics and marketing (specifically analyzing data generated in social media)

#236  Posted 3 years ago
Entropy1701 Sponsor
I am sure it has already been said but Khan first appeared in the episoad "Space seed" and is a genetically engineered human from the Eugenics wars he was on a sleeper ship...Kirk found him and Khan tried to steal his ship and murder him so he was marooned on Ceti Alpha V in case you wanted to know
#237  Posted 3 years ago
Actually, in There Will Be Blood he is asking to drill someone else's land. It was someone's land he already had land to drill and run his pipe through...
#238  Posted 3 years ago
Bring back the video podcast....
#239  Posted 3 years ago
An annoying little mini cutscenes I hate to this day is dropping the mako in mass effect 1
#240  Posted 3 years ago
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