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Joel makes me wet...
#241  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
ok be fair to the tiger, i think we've always wanted the joel heymann flavor
#242  Posted 3 years ago
Spartan627 Nerdy Hobbit
I would have liked to talk Trek with them (im such a nerd:P)
#243  Posted 3 years ago
burnie laughing at the hot dog story is one of the funniest things i've heard on the podcast for a while
#244  Posted 3 years ago
This is quite possibly the best podcast so far.
#245  Posted 3 years ago
Nomad9931 Sponsor
The story with the remote control hotdog & plane made me laugh so hard.
#246  Posted 3 years ago
I'm laughing so much it hurts!!!!!!
#247  Posted 3 years ago
"I have a feeling you're not listening to me..". Something Caboose would say :)
I love you, Joel! XDD
#248  Posted 3 years ago
This made me laugh a LOT! These RT guys are amazing! <3
#249  Posted 3 years ago
Simon is a British comedian... what do expect we are all goofy
#250  Posted 3 years ago
The iphone with a hotdog is the best story ever. Animated adventure!
#251  Posted 3 years ago
I love the re-enactment from Burnie and Joel!
#252  Posted 3 years ago
Omg just Lmao.
#253  Posted 2 years ago
is Shela the Tank named after Shela the Panther?
#254  Posted 2 years ago
On the Star Wars discussion, with the lightsaber thing, Episode V proves that you don't need the force to operate the lightsaber because Han Solo used it to open the Tauntaun.

On the Star Trek Kahn thing, Kahn was a genetically-enhanced human, but got power-crazy and became evil because he saw everyone like bugs.
#255  Posted 2 years ago
#256  Posted 2 years ago
AMingDynasty Sponsor
This is the best one!!!!!!!!! We need more movie/show discussions because those are the best!!!!

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#257  Posted 2 years ago
Fanger Sponsor
Can anyone explain to me the "You stole my clouds?" reference?
#258  Posted 2 years ago
TomMozza15 Boyo
My favourite thing to do in Fallout 3 is to shoot a frag grenade in someone's hand in VATS, watch them essplode!
#259  Posted 2 years ago
as far as Avatar goes, was it worth the cost of a ticket/dvd? yes. Was it worth a 2.7 billion dollar gross? no.
#260  Posted 2 years ago
I hope i'm not the only one who noticed that Joel told that Panther story b4
#261  Posted 2 years ago
Don't know if the comments are still being watched, doubt it really. But as for technology only expanded so far in the 3,500 years between The Old Republic and the known video Saga, a good friend always explained to me that technology in the Star Wars universe never expanded far because they were so advanced that they were constantly forgetting and rediscovering older technologies and improving slightly upon them.
#262  Posted 2 years ago
I had one of those Janga Fett figures with a missile that fires from the jetpack
#263  Posted 2 years ago
I wonder where it is
#264  Posted 2 years ago
carso26 Sponsor
So, I was just relistening to this podcast, and they were talking about the "New Star Trek 2" and joke about how he was dreaming that JJ Abrams made it as a remake of "Wrath of Khan" and then say that that's not what he's doing.
#265  Posted 1 year ago
AviralKumar Sponsor
what happened to the gus guevara shirt?
#266  Posted 1 year ago
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