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Arvin HowdIGetHere
Found her. She was on theCHIVE, not on Facebook.

#331  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
I will never be able to swim the dolphins... ever...
#332  Posted 3 years ago
When they talked about the urban legends stories it reminds me of a story I heard when I lived in Texas of a lake somewhere between Austin and Georgetown with a dam and a pip that sucks water near the lake floor and once sucked down a person before and sent him through the turbine to his fate. No idea if it was true or false but you could hear the noise if you go under the water...
#333  Posted 3 years ago
Usually the "Door Close" button on an elevator is the button of the froor you are currently on, or at least thats how it is in the UK
#334  Posted 3 years ago
love it the "may ori anger dance" pronounced mao ri
#335  Posted 3 years ago
When Joel said "we went and shot at that place!" I thought he meant with guns.
#336  Posted 3 years ago
Aruseus493 Reddit
No Facebook games on this site, i want joke games like Diaper Cat on the site here. Games by the community for the site maybe? Send you guys the games and then you chose the best ones.
#337  Posted 3 years ago
not getting my rum. But I bet I can find dolphin porn for you HAHAH
#338  Posted 3 years ago
Animal Sytle everything at In n' Out! It's the only way to go!
#339  Posted 3 years ago
I would hate flash games on the site.
#340  Posted 3 years ago
The community definitely needs a way to bookmark their favorite podcasts, and maybe even their favorite moments within the podcast for future listening. It's so hard to find the parts that you loved most! Please make it happen RT!
#341  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Tucker did it
#342  Posted 3 years ago
I had to sign up, this is my favorite podcast episode. I've been going back through all the episodes. Keeps me company while at work. Thanks RT! :D
#343  Posted 3 years ago
I will never be able to go to the water part of the zoo again...
#344  Posted 3 years ago
MichaelSooy Sponsor
The image of that Dolphin will haunt my mind, and only bring laughter
#345  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
wtf was wrong with that chick giving a fucking dolphin a hand job
#346  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
i had to pause this podcast a few times for laughter breaks.... i mean my gosh how... dolphins on lsd getting handjobs.... they pushing it to their own level!!
#347  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Even if it's been done


#348  Posted 3 years ago
aereck4289 Sponsor
wtf,.... the U.S. really funded that lady to give handjobs to the dolphin. now i've heard it all. lol
#349  Posted 3 years ago
Lol Gus owns a Prius
#350  Posted 3 years ago
I died laughing at this podcast XD
#351  Posted 3 years ago
My god 9 minutes in and i'm already out of breath laughing!
#352  Posted 3 years ago
This podcast was recorded on my birthday, so now I know on my day of birth men were talking about dolphin handjobs
#353  Posted 3 years ago
I have always wanted to ride a Dolphin,Now I fear I'm gonna "ride" a dolphin...OMG that was just weird I'm completely marked!
#354  Posted 3 years ago
Philip2105 Sponsor
just before i listened to this podcast i read through the newspaper and what did i read? why only the story of the very happy dolphin. just a wierd coincidence?
#355  Posted 3 years ago
My sister wants to be a doctor and knowing her she probably would just walk into the room say, "you're dead." and then walk out again.
#356  Posted 3 years ago
OMG, i wish you had filmed this as part of the drunk tank podcast..i would have paid money to see the faces of the cast when Gus told his tale of the dolphin experiment...I laughed so hard ,my boss called me in his office to admonish me for listening to "crude humor" while at work...lol... it was worth it!
#357  Posted 3 years ago
I have not read all the comments, but the elevator close door button works fine in Denmark. And if you need to get to a high floor fast firefighters or Cops have a technique where they hold the floor and the close door button and it will close and go directly to the floor, you can also do this as a normal person, but it is frowned upon!
#358  Posted 3 years ago
This is the link for the articles.... the one of the 3 Christ is #1 the one of the dolphin is #4
#359  Posted 3 years ago
(In regards to the actual podcast,) Wouldn't the side of the house that was flooded become like a snow-globe eventually? ;D
#360  Posted 3 years ago
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