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I only kill AIs in Halo on Legendary difficulty, when I don't want them to drive off with my Hog while I'm shooting >.>
#301  Posted 3 years ago
bouncing bettys go to chest/face level and explode with either shrapnel or pellets
#302  Posted 3 years ago
your brain can kill itself if it thinks its going to die, like say a gun is pointed at you and its fired, your brain will shut off thinking it died even if the bullet missed. of course this type of thing is a rare event but their are in fact reports of it... the same thing will happen to you if you die in a dream.
#303  Posted 3 years ago
dont mean to triple post here but there should be a tshirt of a brain that says feed me sprite and coke!
#304  Posted 3 years ago
does anyone has the star wars old republic wipe out video that they were talking about???? OR Jack if you coul put the video :D
#305  Posted 3 years ago
ToastyToast7 Touched Butt
You mentioned "RUBBER". I saw that movie and it's fuckin weird. one thing they say is that it's an homage to just because.
#306  Posted 3 years ago
JoeBlogs Sponsor
Anyone gotta link for the Character wipe Dance/Suicide?
#307  Posted 3 years ago
to the bit about the royalty, the monarchy is actually more beneficial to the uk due to the fact of ALL THE EFFING LAND THEY OWN! for description look here:
#308  Posted 3 years ago
i have a buttface towel :D
#309  Posted 3 years ago
WTF!!! Joel...ozzies and kiwis DO NOT HAVE THE SAME ACCENT!!..we new zealanders sound completly different to thous bastards accross the ditch. Thats like me calling americans canadian....a. ;P
#310  Posted 3 years ago
:O Australians and New Zealanders do NOT have the same accent!
#311  Posted 3 years ago
melkomorgoth LED ZEP
Gavin should stop trying to explain things.
#312  Posted 3 years ago
melkomorgoth LED ZEP
Also: Burnie should go back and play KotOR. It's still awesome!
#1  Posted 3 years ago
I watched all of tree of life it sucked
#313  Posted 3 years ago
Podcasty goodness
#314  Posted 3 years ago
Poor Joel, why they always make fun of you?!
#315  Posted 3 years ago
seb2005 Australia
Joel, Australians and New Zealanders don't have the same accents!
#316  Posted 3 years ago
#317  Posted 3 years ago
"New Zealand and Australia it's all the same thing"

0.o...I have a helmet you can borrow...
#318  Posted 3 years ago
Chunkboi Fianna
The depleted uranium (DPU) projectile is a dual effect weapon. The metal is so dense that it transfers hellacious energy to the target, making an armor-piercing effect. Uranium is also a flammable metal...goes up like magnesium under the friction alone. The metal that gets through is burning, molten, and moving very fast.
#319  Posted 3 years ago
If Gus hasn't had his tonsils removed, he may have tonsilliliths, or "tonsil stones", small collections of bacteria, dead cells, or other gross stuff that collect in the crevices of tonsils, and let out a stench when disturbed, by a sneeze for instance.
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TheColeman Sponsor
Uranium is used with tanks, except that the armor is partially composed of depleted uranium...
#321  Posted 3 years ago
Joel, you are thinking of the 30 mm bullets used in the A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog fighter jet. They bullets are encased in a non reactive uranium casing that does not give off radiation, but allows the bullet to go through just about anything because the bullet took on some of the uranium's properties by being in that casing.
#322  Posted 3 years ago
to clarify on the subject of the bouncing betty

The S-mine was normally triggered by a three-pronged pressure fuse. It could also be modified to be triggered by a tripwire. A special tripwire adapter was provided by the German army. The steel tube that held the fuse was threaded to accept any standard German ignition or trigger, allowing the sensor to be removed and the mine to be deliberately triggered by a human operator. When triggered, the mine functioned in two stages (see diagram).
1.First, the mine was fired .9 to 1.5 meters (2 ft 10 in to 4 ft 10 in) up into the air by a small propellant charge.
2.Approximately a half-second later, the main charge detonated at the optimum height to kill or severely injure anyone in the immediate area.
3.The main charge of the mine was surrounded by roughly 360 steel balls, short steel rods, or scrap metal pieces. These became metal shrapnel that sprayed horizontally from the mine at high speeds.

The time between triggering and ignition of the propelling charge varied between 3.9 and 4.5 seconds, depending on the age and condition of the mine. According to German documentation, the S-mine was lethal within 66 ft and could inflict casualties within 330 ft. American training manuals warned of casualties at up to 460 ft.
#323  Posted 3 years ago
bouncing betty's go for the upper leg so their's no saving the person but it doesn't mean they wont try
#324  Posted 3 years ago
1. Go to google.
2. Type in "Zerg rush".
3. Survive the 'o's.
#325  Posted 2 years ago
Sorry, that was totally unrelated to the podcast. But it's still awesome
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Imagine if you could kill yourself with your mind...

I laughed so hard...
#326  Posted 2 years ago
RT Podcast. Always on point.
I'm the same as Gus in terms of adjusting the volume by a certain number of units. If my age is a composite number, I use divisors. If it's a prime number, I just adjust by 5.
#327  Posted 2 years ago
omg, i can only go up in 5's on my tv volume. i guess it's a normal thing
#328  Posted 1 year ago
wow While i was listening to this I was stumbling and found this weird www.stumbleupon.com/su/2Dsu7E/:19b5$znhw:h3w-qd$$...
#329  Posted 1 year ago
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