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Hey Rooster Teeth cast im your mexican fan, i was listening the #140 podcast, and i gotta say its quite interesting hear you guys talking about Mexico, its true the crime has been increasing in the last years, i live in the core of Mexico (State of Mexico) where the thing are real intense, i should warn you, the things are kinda fucked up right now down here so its not a good time to travel, just a warning and take care Rooster Teeth Guys desde Mexico house of the best queso in the world
#331  Posted 3 years ago
we need another vidcast
#332  Posted 3 years ago
... i once was (with my new shoes) going up an escalator out of the subway... so... the clawlike thingie on top that lets the garbage out of the mechanism was like broken.... so there were like 3 teeth goin up of it... and my shoes got right inside (with my feet) ... i was stuck there for half an hour because i couldnt feel my feet and the stupid dude there ... the one that was in charge or something like that... he had this wrench specifically for this cases.. and he was like... if your not hurt i cant do anything....
thing is... every now and then the escalator would start pushing me inside like.. little thrusts every.. dunno 5 minutes or so.. because since it wasnt stopped AND because of (dunno what happened) that it couldnt be stopped either... so it woudl just do that... and.. well then i made the asshole break the platform or i would sue him and finally when he did i had my feet all fut up XD nothing really serious but it was really pressure wounds like... the shoes were just fine (not wearable) but y feet... wow xD
#333  Posted 3 years ago
Anybody else that can't see the picture "burnie vs michael"? When I press it its taking me to a buffering page that has some random code on it!

I want to see it :,(
#334  Posted 3 years ago
I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about this in this weeks podcast. Being as SXSW is an Austin event.
#335  Posted 3 years ago
Linsay knows her Mitch Hedberg!!! Hell yeah!
#336  Posted 3 years ago
i once ran up and down an elevator so many times it stop. then i just walked away...
#337  Posted 3 years ago
These podcast's are awsome but its so danm long, its like trying to listin to the entire song of traped in the closet in one go, it cant be done.

#338  Posted 3 years ago
Zaxieman Sponsor
I love how Lindsay was quoting Mitch Hedberg's bit on escalators during that discussion and giggling to herself, and no one noticed. Or maybe Michael noticed and we couldn't tell. Funny stuff though
#339  Posted 3 years ago
Nice shot of Gus' crotch at the end of the Burnie vs Michael video
#340  Posted 3 years ago
I'd smash michael in a fight
#341  Posted 3 years ago
Neefertiti Wraith
Scarce parking today for gus.
#342  Posted 3 years ago
Please be a video podcast this wednesday
#343  Posted 3 years ago
BetaMaleTim Sponsor
Waiting for Joel during the "fight" between Burnie and Michael to go "Fight fight kiss"
#344  Posted 3 years ago
Pikero24 Sponsor
It might be just be.. but the levels are REALLY bad on the last 2 podcasts. Gav was really low on this one, while Burnie's voice was gigantic. grumblebbrumble...

on a separate note. Good Podcast content :D
#345  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
ace45mag Sponsor
OK new event at RTX co-ed tag team fights RoosterTeeth's number 1 team Michael and LindsayOK new event at co-ed tag team fights RoosterTeeth's number 1 team Michael and Lindsay

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#346  Posted 3 years ago
nice one, so i guess that rage quit its not a character then lol
#347  Posted 3 years ago
how small is the danish audience??
#348  Posted 3 years ago
i'd like to see gavin and michael fight...
#349  Posted 3 years ago
Actually, KFC changed names b/c people don't like "fried" food.

The reason I know is that I used to live in Kentucky and people would protest at churchs. Wrong again Internet.
#350  Posted 3 years ago
DarkredK Sponsor
The volume is really low... need to + up the dB next time.
#351  Posted 3 years ago
PANCAKE TUESDAY IS AWESOME. Im from Australia and pancake tuesday just might be greater than easter. Who wouldn’t want free pancakes?
#352  Posted 3 years ago
53:12 gavin's screaming lady airport story needs to be a animated adventure. xD oh god can't breathe.
#353  Posted 3 years ago
Always put the podcast on as I go to bed, and I always have a smile on my face.
#354  Posted 3 years ago
Man, if someone got that close to me the way Michael got into Burnies face, I don't know how it works in the States but in Australia you would cop a swift head-but to the face or punch in seconds of stepping that close. No pushing, no name calling, it would just be on. :P
#355  Posted 3 years ago
Gavin you are truly a disgrace to the United Kingdom.
#356  Posted 3 years ago
fight! fight! fight! kiss. kiss. kiss.
#357  Posted 3 years ago
I miss Geoff
#358  Posted 3 years ago
I think the funniest thing here is that Michael actually looks like he could take down Burnie lol.
#359  Posted 3 years ago
a little late to the show, but it will still be good none the less.
#360  Posted 3 years ago
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