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I love the way Gavin says "Cafe Bardeschtuv." I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong.
#331  Posted 3 years ago
WoWHead675 Sponsor
My life goal is to meet the Rooster Teeth Staff.
#332  Posted 3 years ago
Ahhhh so glad I subscribed to these guys on iTunes.
#333  Posted 3 years ago
yo, get all the podcast for FREE on ZUNE, you can also get music and videos, sign up for zune pass (14 day trial) and download anything, use your windows live ID (what you use to sign in for xbox live) or if you dont have one get one, if your sony, suck my dick. www.zune.net/en-US/
#334  Posted 3 years ago
I gotta say you guys are awesome thanks to you guys I got out of my little depression today thanks to the podcasts. I have to say in almost everything all of you guys do It always seems to be funny and can make almost anyone smile and for that I have to say thanks again for bringing a smile to my face.
#335  Posted 3 years ago
Needs more Gus.
#336  Posted 3 years ago
Ok Im sorry Burnie but you really need to stop. this is the third week youve corrected Gavin on something and then proceeded to drag it out for at least 10 minutes... he was right about all of them...
#337  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Lame
Where's Geoff been lately. I miss his voice
#338  Posted 3 years ago
Why is Geoff no longer on the podcast. I request mr. Ramsey!
#339  Posted 3 years ago
Believe it or not, my shitty life goal is to get a cat, and love it, and name it Apples.
When i saw that on RvB I lol'd so hard, i made doing so a personal life goal.
#340  Posted 3 years ago
Loving the chat guys, esp the older ones (anyone else been hearing them? Fuckin' wild like) miss Geoff a little but Gavin's alot fun tae laugh at. Just hoping tae hear about the Mass Effect Special podcast soon (Burnie did mention that he was thinking of daeing ain and I'm aye mad up fae it.

Love the work, keep it up lads.
#341  Posted 3 years ago
Why do I not get to play video games in school? When we studied the Oregon Trail, we played the game on pen and freaking paper!
#342  Posted 3 years ago
gav was finaly right about something no one believed
#343  Posted 3 years ago
needs a animated adventure of gav saying "shocking"
#344  Posted 3 years ago
#345  Posted 3 years ago
PugeHenis Breeder
#346  Posted 3 years ago
eboyd16 Sponsor
first world problems...crappy water pressure
#347  Posted 3 years ago
cookie1train Sponsor
Gavin is right about Damien Hirst. Sad that he finally said something smart and no one else was clever enough to catch on. This artist is actually a big deal anyone even mildly into art would know him, but that's a different crowd so it make sense that the 3 other didn't.
#348  Posted 3 years ago
infideltaco Sponsor
Gavin always makes me laugh even when hes not funny haha
#349  Posted 3 years ago
GentlemanJax Sponsor
Got to love a good shower. Every house hooked up to municipal water has a pressure regulator, it should be out near the meter. You can increase the pressure by turning the nut on top. I got that baby cranked up to about 60 psi and I’m lovin it! But be careful, much higher and you could blow a pipe.
#350  Posted 3 years ago
i actually preffer the longer videos
#351  Posted 3 years ago
everyone thinks over population is a huge problem but consider this fact....
the entire population of the planet could fit in the city of L.A. (if we were standing shoulder to shoulder.
don't believe me
#352  Posted 3 years ago
The podcast is always the best part of a Wednesday.
#353  Posted 3 years ago
you guys should try telling the Aristocrats joke.
#354  Posted 3 years ago
God no!! That joke is evil as the Devil and I don't believe in that shite, so don't give them that idea, I'm scared of what they might come up with.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
That joke is awesome cuz it's messed up! I say do it!
#2  Posted 3 years ago
Just wondering here. Are you guys going to put a video podcast up or not??
#355  Posted 3 years ago
Timothy Dalton is by far the best Bond
#356  Posted 3 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
Silent Hill the movie felt like you were playing it.
#357  Posted 3 years ago
Gav's question of What's the Largest city in the U.S., got me curious and I found this article.
#358  Posted 3 years ago
Mortal Kombat was a video game movie that stayed pretty true to the game. Probably more than any other video game movie, at least story and character wise.
#359  Posted 3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Cafe Bar De Stoof, some things are too good not to google: www.destoofamsterdam.nl/
#360  Posted 3 years ago
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