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Ok so i might be a hater nao, but i gotta say it. It was so annoying listen to her go "eum eum eum eum" ALL the freaking time. I thought i used it often, but then i heard this. No hate, just...yeah D:
#271  Posted 2 years ago
Aster Sponsor
Burnie's laugh was incredible
#272  Posted 2 years ago
When I was 12, my father was in the military. We were moving from Japan to Germany. We had left at 7:30 on a Wednesday night and we had a 6 hr lay over in LAX, an hour lay over in Denver, and then the flight itself over the Atlantic. We landed in Berlin 3:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday
#273  Posted 2 years ago
Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff!!!!!!!!!!!!
#274  Posted 2 years ago
Though I find the industry interviews interesting, I do not find them entertaining, I would rather have more regular podcast. Also more Monty
#275  Posted 2 years ago
Well, you've got RT fans in Japan!! hope you come out ;D
#276  Posted 2 years ago
Just found something hilarious.

There's an episode of the show on Nickelodeon called iCarly where the lead catches a disease and gives it to a member of One Direction.

Are we sure it was a Koala?
#277  Posted 2 years ago
One Direction never did meet the koalafications....
#278  Posted 2 years ago
so i was listening to this Podcast with my mum who is a nurse and after Gav told his story about the internal decapitation and the reattachment and shit she said and i quote, "who the fuck is that idiot?"
#279  Posted 2 years ago
The result of my bordem. XD
#280  Posted 2 years ago
aimiami Sponsor
Ads in video games are ok as long as you dont get carried away with it. Like if you see a vending machine and it has an advertisement for "Mountain Dew" then im fine with that. It makes the environment feel more realistic IMO
#281  Posted 2 years ago
You think liquor stores closing on sunday is weird... Near my parents house is a city where the ATM's won't work on sunday.... they're actually shut down because it's supposed to be a resting day...
#282  Posted 2 years ago
One of the best movie trailers I've ever seen: the teaser trailer for the first Transformers movie with Shai Labeouf and Megan Fox
#283  Posted 2 years ago
JowsephEnick That guy
if you guys got jessica nigri to make an appearance at RTX, i will sell my soul and my legs to make it!
#284  Posted 2 years ago
I watched all the videos for the dash cams... Crying laughing.
#285  Posted 2 years ago
#286  Posted 2 years ago
Solid_Raptor Sponsor
perth the most isolated city in the world....there is literally nothing here
#287  Posted 2 years ago
I actually got to meet Chandler Riggs. Check out my profile pic.
He complimented me on my RvB shirt.
#288  Posted 2 years ago
LOVED the Canada talk :)
#289  Posted 2 years ago
damn i live in utah!!! now i have to go out of state for my 21 birthday.
#290  Posted 2 years ago
I always laugh at the Koala part because one of my buddies here went to Australia a couple years back and hugged up on some Koalas. He gets mad every time I tell him he has to get a check up to make sure he doesn't have the dreaded koala chlamydia haha.
#291  Posted 2 years ago
Best podcast ever
#292  Posted 2 years ago
You guys are my fuckin heros man
#293  Posted 2 years ago
All i have to say is; the reason you're not allowed to touch koala's anywhere else is because it'd be stupid, a koala would fuck you up if it was'nt trained not to attack people.
#294  Posted 2 years ago
Darren2190 Sponsor
I want a 'ARE YOU FROM BRAZIL?' shirt!
#295  Posted 2 years ago
Gav suck's

#296  Posted 1 year ago
There are cameras all over the UK? Nope, it's just that certain densely populated areas have a crap tonne of cameras, Where I grew up there was no cameras...
#297  Posted 1 year ago
huntdux Sponsor
At 17:20 Monty's big idea = RWBY
#298  Posted 1 year ago
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